Hello everyone,

besides my Ciaté Mini Mani Month polish review, I wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU! to the Ciaté Germany Team. Actually the Public Relations agency for Ciaté here in Germany, Swiss and Austria. They were so kind to send out a little surprise to me and I am really so thankful.

Just to clear things up for everyone, no one is sponsoring or paying me to do these reviews.
Besides the things on the following pictures I bought all the Ciaté products, that I did review so far (Caviar Manicure Kit and Mini Mani Month gift set) and will review the rest of the month (Tree Trinkets), myself.

So on to the sweet surprise I have received today.
They sent this cute full sized paint pot nude color, called PP107 pocket money. I will review this later on, but from the first impression I really love this color. I am so happy!
They also sent me this tiny fine glass nail file, which I already tried out and must say is really good.
I never used glass nail files, but always wanted to try so I am super excited that I can call one my own.
And last but not least a Ciaté key chain holder as well as a nice letter saying that they love my nails and offering support whenever I may have questions.



So again, thanks a lot. It feels good to know that you like my blog and posts.

I really enjoy blogging so far and I really love Ciaté polishes, I think they are worth supporting by buying their products. So I will keep doing that in the future.

Have a great night,



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