HAULy friday – two

Hello everyone,

today is friday and that means it is time for another HAULy friday post.


This week I went to Karstadt to see if they already sell Ciaté’s new Flower Manicure Kit.
Sadly they didn’t. They said they did not even get it yet. Too bad.
If you don’t know what I am talking about, this is it.

Flower Manicure

taken from Ciaté Germany Facebook Page
all right reserved to Ciaté

Well since I did not get this I was a bit sad, but luckily for me they still sold some of the old kit’s.
So I bought the

Very Colorfoil Manicure Kit – Wonderland



The Kit contains a full sized Paint Pot in the shade PP083 cream soda, 30x metallic foil sheets in 6 shades, 5ml foil fix glue and a nail wheel.



This kit as well as the other two are still available on Ciaté’s Website, but hurry they are already marked as “last chance to buy”.

Very Colourfoil Manicure – Wonderland
Very Colourfoil Manicure – Kaleidoscopic Klash
Very Colourfoil Manicure – Carnival Couture

18£ each.

If you want to see which other products are marked as “last chance to buy” please check here

I also bought the Chalkboard Manicure Kit




If you are interested as well, you can buy it here.

At my local Karstadt both were half price, so I am very happy.

Also I bought on full sized Paint Pot Polish in the color PP066 headliner.
As you can see the bow and most part of the label were ripped off, but I don’t care much since it also was half price^^




Isn’t this a pretty color?

I will review all of these later on, so please be patient^^

I also went to my local L’Occitane en provence shop, because I saw they are currently offering a tiny bag with 3 x 10ml handcreme in it. They are as almond milk, cherry blossom and a 20% shea butter creme for dry skin. I
I have heard SO much positive feedback about L’Occitane from people on Youtube and always wanted to try. So this was the perfect chance to try 3 different types.



Since I felt bad for just going and grabbing the free stuff, I also stayed and checked out the other products. I liked the 30ml green tea and lemon moisturizing hand gel and since it was offered for only 5 € instead of 7,50 € I bought it.


The nice lady also gave me 3 samples to try. Two are almond body milk and one is a radiance and color care shampoo. I am excited to try these as well.


I hope I will be able to try more in the future. The products are a bit pricey but I have heard they are really worth it.
If you would like to check their Website, please click here

This is it for this week.
Tomorrow I will introduce you to Ciaté’s Tree Trinkets, a set of 6 mini glitter polishes which I got for christmas :)

Have a great weekend, see you tomorrow.



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