[Review] Ciaté’s Tree Trinket set 2013

Hello everyone,

today I want to introduce you to another really nice gift set from Ciaté. It is the Tree Trinket set.

This set contains six super pretty mini glitter polishes/toppers. You can still try to get it at you local Karstadt if you live in Germany.

The set was originally sold for 15 €, now you can get it for 10 € at Karstadt’s online store. Hurry up if you want it!

If you live in the USA try to get it at Sephora, maybe you are lucky and still get it on sale.

The packaging is super cute, it has this christmasy knitted pattern which I found so original.
The mini glitter polishes come in these cute plastic christmas ornament balls with a bow on it.
So you can basically hang them on your christmas tree.

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 Set (inet)

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 (inet)

Meet the mini glitter polishes

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 Polishes (inet)

PPM406 – all aglow (gold)

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 - PPM406 - all aglow (inet)

PPM402 – glitterball (lilac)

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 - PPM402 - glitterball (inet)

PPM404 – candy cane (pink)

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 - PPM404 - candy cane (inet)

PPM403 – yule rules (blue/turquoise)

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 - PPM403 - yule rules (inet)

PPM401 – blizzard (silver/grey)

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 - PPM401 - blizzard (inet)

PPM407 – naughty or nice (mixed)

Ciaté - Tree Trinkets 2013 - PPM407 - naughty or nice (inet)

Pictures taken from Ciaté, all rights reserved to Ciaté.

I will review the polishes for you in my following 3 posts, containing 2 reviews each.

What do you think of these? Are you a fan of glitter?
Let me know in the comments.





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