Sunday Mani – three – Ciaté’s croc embossed manicure

Hello everyone,

happy sunday!
I am quite sad that the weekend is already over again.
Do you know the feeling when you actually had time to relax but still feel super tired and drained?
That’s what it is for me.

Anyways, I promised to review Ciaté’s croc embossed manicure kit.
Out f the stuff I bought last week, this was probably the one I was most hesitant to buy.
Like I said, I usually really don’t like crackling polishes. To me they always look messy and I like my manicures and nail designs to be neat, even when it’s a design like this which is meant to be random and where every nail is supposed to look different.

Here are the pictures I already posted from this kit.



base color

DSC05348 DSC05347

croco effect top coat

DSC05346 DSC05345

Like I said friday, I am so in love with those colors and the design of the top coat bottle.
The green is simply to die for, it is so beautiful!

I actually did this manicure twice.
So I cheated a bit since I took pictures of it first try, right the day I bought it, meaning not today :P
But the second try and the set of pictures for it, where taken today^^

Here are the pictures for my first try.

1) working on one hand at a time, apply one coat of the PP088 oil slick on each nail



2) move on to the croc effect top coat. apply thin or semi thick layer of the effect coat. keep in mind that with a thin layer will give you a discreet finish with smaller cracks. Apply a thick layer for larger cracks and a more opaque finish.

Move on to other hand, apply the base color and after applying this to each finger, apply the effect top coat.

For my first try I applied a thin layer. As you can see, the result is not as opaque  as seen on the packaging. The cracks are smaller.
I think it depends on your liking, I thought the discreet result looked somewhat like the skin of a baby croco, not as strong and more delicate.
left hand





right hand






Moving on to my second and favorite try.

Of course, I did the same steps as on top, but I applied a thicker layer of the effect top coat.
Don’t panic if the effect does not show up as fast as with a thin layer. Of course the top coat needs more time to show off the effect if you have applied more color.

left hand





right hand






To give it more shine and seal in the design, I used Essence`s sealing top coat.

This manicure was refreshingly easy. It did not take much skill, nor time and it dried pretty quickly as well, especially if you used a fast drying top coat.

I honestly was surprised how pretty the result was and I am actually in love with this whole kit.

My opinion: 5/5

If you still have a chance to get this somewhere I recommend you to buy this …. oh and buy one more for me too haha

What do you think? Which is your favorite? The thin coat and discreet finish or the thick coat with larger cracks and an opaque finish?

Let me know.



6 thoughts on “Sunday Mani – three – Ciaté’s croc embossed manicure

  1. Mara thanks for posting! I wasn’t a big fan of crackle until I used it on my Transformers mani that I did a couple weeks back. I’m excited to see Ciate offers one as I am a fan of their products. I’ll have to see if I can hunt this down!

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