[Review] Ciaté PP066 headliner

Hello everyone,

as you saw in my second HAULy friday post about two weeks ago, I have bought a new Ciaté polish.
It was on sale for 5 euro, I guess because the bow and half of the label was ripped off.

Anyway, today I wanted to review this polish.




Their Website describes it as followed:

“Turquoise, an extraordinary cocktail of blue and green and a marriage made in fashion heaven! If you love to color clash, this is a perfect mix to your color scheme by adding a unique blue tone to your collection.”

At first I was not sure if I should buy it because I normally don’t wear these kinds of popping colors.
But since it was only 5 euro and I love the quality of Ciaté polishes, I ended up buying it.
That’s always my problem, I am thinking “you never know, maybe one day you want to create a nail design where you will need this color”.

After trying it out, I must say I am happy I bought it.
I imagine it could be used for a nice gradient or a nail design with clear blue/turquoise water.

Here is my manicure.



I applied two coats of headliner, they dried pretty quickly but the finish was kind of matte.
After putting a shiny top coat on the result looked like this.





I like the color and I can think of some nice design using it.
The consistency was good, liquid, how I like it. They polish is nice pigmented, after on coat it was a bit see through but okay. I applied a second coat because I like opaque finishes.

How do you like this color? Would you wear it?