[Review] p2 LE Catch the Glow (loads of pictures)

Hello everyone,

today I want to show you something that I bought on Saturday. I went to my local DM and saw p2 new Limited Edition Catch the Glow, which is basically their Summer LE.
Since I loved the polishes from last years Summer Attack LE so much, I was hoping these polishes were as good as the ones from last year. I don’t know how, but suddenly all of the polishes were in my shopping bag :D

The LE is available from the 20th of March until June 11, so if you see anything you like, hurry up and get it.

As you can see, the only not nail related item I also bought from this LE is this duo eye shadow brush which cost 3,25 euro.

professional duo eye shadow brush

small side


bigger side





The polishes (including nail swatches)

sun goddess nail polish mit Swatches2 

Each of the polishes contains 12ml of product and cost 2,25 euro.




010 tropical heat








020 smooth gem 








030 bronzed glow







040 chilly breeze







050 copper flash








The quality of the polishes is great. They are easy to apply and dry pretty fast. I basically love all the colors, besides the brown, that I kind of have to get used to. But I think it is a great color for painting trees or chocolate…..so basically any nail arts with brown things in it^^

I think my favorite color would be 020 smooth gem, it is such a beautiful salmon color. 040 chilly breeze is also nice, it reminds me of 030 bluish green from p2 LE Far East. So Close (which of course, I also own all 3 colors – I will introduce them to you later)


I apologize for the bad coloring of the pictures. I tried my best to show the colors as they are but during that process my hand coloration went off haha
So sometimes my hand looks blue-ish yellowish or white.
I either need to get a new photo program or a new camera. Any suggestions?

Currently I am using PhotoScape for editing the pictures (I needed something easy) and a Sony Cyber-shot digital Camera. I heard that digital reflex cameras in general are better, but I am a beginner so I have no clue what to get. Besides that I saw that they start at around 300 euro and go up the price range.

Anyway, tips would be very much appreciated. In general, what can I do to make my pictures more nice?

Help!!! :)

I hope you enjoyed today’s post with all these many many pictures.







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