HAULy friday – eight- Essence and stuff

Hello everyone,

HAULy friday!


Recently I went to my local Mueller, which is a bit more far from where I usually shop. I went there hoping to get the last holographic polish from Catrice’s LE Luxury Lacquers Holomania.
I showed you the polishes I already got here.
Of course it was sold out, so I went looking around. For those of you who don’t know, Mueller is currently the only drugstore that has the 3meter Essence counter so you can find different stuff there. Things that usually aren’t sold at DM or Rossmann.

Here are some things that seem to be Mueller only.


The Essence stamping set and plates.



csm_40971_1989a7510d  DSC05335



I also bought the white and black stamping polishes from Essence.


Some nail tip and stripe nail art stickers.



I bought these cute flower and heart stickers from Essence.




also the Essence base coat and top coat


and because it was discounted, I bought this nail art decoration kit.




I bought Misslyn nail stickers (33 romeo & juliet), which I thought were really pretty.




And you already saw what else I bought, 3 more bottles from the Show your feet collection.









What do you think? Anything you like?



4 thoughts on “HAULy friday – eight- Essence and stuff

  1. I always look on in awe when people show stamping sets and nail decorations and stuff to me because my idea of “nail art” is basically throwing some glitter on top of my normal polish :D It’s also about as much as I can be bothered to do. I enjoy looking at pictures of people’s crazy, cool and amazing manicures, but I’d totally lose my mind trying to recreate anything so complicated! I tried ombre once and failed horribly…

    • haha I love reading your comments :)
      well yeah, some nail design look so nice and I myself sometimes think “well that looks easy, let me try this” and then I get frustrated because its far from easy haha
      but I try my best anyway. I think nail stickers are nice, they are kind of easy to use. I always want to try ombre, we will see how that goes :D

      • Let me know if you can figure out how the heck you’re supposed to get that polish from the sponge and onto your nail… *sigh* I’m glad I’m entertaining though! I’m sure you would’ve also been entertained watching me try to do ombre or trying to get “gems” to stick onto my nails… :P

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