Sunday Mani – ten – Ciaté Colorfoil Manicure

Hello everyone,

as promised yesterday I did the colorfoil manicure by Ciaté.

Very Colorfoil Manicure Kit – Wonderland is what I used.


On top of the box you can see the foils that are included in the kit.
Not much BAM! going on there but I found the simple / discreet kit the most interesting one.


Let’s see what is inside this little box of happiness.
We have one nail wheel (to try out different designs), we have a full sized pain pot (PP082 cream soda), a small bottle of foil fix (glue) and a pack full of foils in the colors as shown above. Oh and of course the manual.




Like I said yesterday, I painted my nails with one coat of my normal base coat and applied two coats of the base color cream soda.
I let it dry properly so I would mess up anything later on while pushing the foils onto my nails.







After everything was totally dry, it was time to get it on with the foils :P



First I applied a bit of the foil fix. Since it is equipped with a pretty thick brush, I made sure to have just a tiny amount of the foil fix on the brush when applying it to the nail. I also did NOT apply it all over the nail, instead I put tiny drops or strokes of foil fix on the nail. Since you are supposed to let the white foil fix dry for about a minute until it gets clear to pressing on some foil, I realized I could also apply foil fix on each nail of one hand and then go back to the first nail where the foil fix already dried to press some foil on.
I hope I explained that correct haha

Anyways, it is simple.

  • apply foil fix, let it dry for about a minute
  • press on the foil you want to use
  • don’t wait to long, rip it off immediately
  • move on to the next nail
  • after you are done, repeat the steps with as many different colored foils as you like
  • after you are done put on a top coat, this is necessary because else the foil will come off after the first time you wash your hands :P

Here is my result

left hand (without cleaning up and without top coat)



right hand (without cleaning up and without top coat)




left hand after cleaning up and with top coat



right hand after cleaning up and with top coat




Here you can see the foils I used and how they looked afterwards. First I used the silver one, then orange, pink and green.


I must say I freaking love this kit and I will probably get the other ones as well if they are still on sale at my local Karstadt.
I bought this kit for 10 euro so I hope I can get the other two as well for this price.

Have you tried this manicure? I was really surprised how easy it was and how well it worked.
Even if you don’t have much patience or experience with such things, I still recommend you to try this.

Have a great sunday