[Review] Essence – twins reloaded – base color 01 edward

Hey everyone,

slowly I want to start reviewing the nail polishes I ordered from kosmetik4less not long ago.

Today I will start with a cute baby blue polish from Essence.

Essence – twins reloaded – base color 01 edward


This polish is from a collection, containing three polish “twins”. One of each is a base color, one is a glitter topper.

They are smaller bottle than usual, means they contain only 5ml.
I only bought they baby blue one, because it was the one that I liked the most.

The manicure:




Again, sorry about the color of my hand being a bit off^^
This seems to be a thing with certain colors.

I really like this polish. The application is smooth and easy and the dry time was good as well.
Also I really like the color. It is nice and opaque so 2 coats are more than enough.

How do you like it?  I imagine it being perfect for nail design with the sky or water :)

I hope you have a great night, I’ll go finish re-watching Breaking Bad