Hey everyone,

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[Review] wet n wild – wild shine – E435G sparked




Hey everyone,

here is the second post for today!!!!
I also ordered this one from kosmetik4less.

It is this suuuuuuuper pretty rosé glitter polish from wet n wild.

E435G sparked

Since this was a bit difficult to photograph as well, again I took the picture from the kosmetik4less online shop.






I can not tell you how much I love this. Usually I don’t wear too much pink or girly Barbie colors but this one is an exception.
It is simply adorable and I love how much it sparkles.

I was not sure how well it covers the natural nail so I applied it over E462 casting call




Isn’t this simply amazing?
The application was surprisingly good, which I am not used to from crazy glitter polishes like this.
And it was pretty opaque as well. I only needed two coats.

What do you think? Or am I the only one who is crazy about this polish? :D



[Review] wet n wild – wild shine – E462 casting call

Hey everyone,


today I would like to post twice and show you two more polishes which I recently bought from kosmetik4less.
The following polish is a simple but pretty “old” rosé color.

wet n wild – wild shine – E462 casting call

I don’t know what it is with some polishes, but they are extremely difficult to photograph. I still don’t get it right.
This is one example.

Look at my photograph ….


and now look at the picture from kosmetik4less ….

casting call

It is strange, they both don’t look right in the picture. Somehow the Website picture even looks gold shimmery but the polish has no shimmer at all haha

Anyway, here you can see how the polish looks on the nails.





I like the color, it is very nice and discreet. But since it is a more discreet shade, it is perfect in combination with the second polish I will show you in today’s 2nd post.

How do you like this color?