[Review] Ciaté – PP058 cookies & cream

Hey everyone,

today I want to review the polish I bought together with all the Ciaté product I recently showed in my HAULy friday.

PP058 – cookies & cream


This is a very nice nude polish. It is super decent beige but somewhat with a hint of grey I would say.
On their Website they say the following.
“A light taupe pastel grey that is versatile and easy to wear. A soft nude milkshake delight that can elevate your work-wear or even relax a grunge rock look.”





As all other Ciaté polish I really like this, but it take 2-3 good coats to get an opaque finish. Maybe it is better to apply a white polish and this one on top. The consistency is creamy but not to much, so it is still fine for the application. Also the dry time was okay, but make sure to really let it dry properly if you applied 3 coats.

I love this color, it is really discreet and therefor good for business appointments.

How do you like it?



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