[Review] KIKO – 335 + 522

Hey everyone,

what a lovely day. warm but not too hot. I am happy next week will be even a bit colder.
Btw did I tell you that they are shooting “The Hungergames 3” near my working place? I pass by the movie team everyday. But it is kind of annoying because the blocked a big part of the way from the train which I take to my actual working place. Screw you Hollywood haha

Anyway, here are the next two polishes from my KIKO collection.



This super bright marine blue would be perfect for Mediterranean nail arts….would. Sadly it is still kinda see through, even after 2 coats. As you have seen before, I own a really nice bright blue polish from Essence Show your feet, which is better I think. The consistency here is also a little annoying^^

Nevertheless I know there are a lot of people who like this polish. It is ok I think, but there are better :P




Can you see the sheerness at the tips?




This polish is kinda similar to 529, but still a little different^^
This one here is more blue I would say. It reminds me of a polish I recently bought and which I will show you tomorrow in my HAULy Friday post.





The quality of this one was better then 335. It was easier to apply since it was more liquid.


I am sorry for the lack of words today, but I am super excited for Japans first game on Sunday for the World Cup 2014.
You can expect some nice FIFA – Japan inspired nail arts ;)

Go Samurai Blue!