Tips & Tricks – three- how to fix a broken nail

Hey everyone,

recently I ripped my right thumb nail. It was ripped down into the skin so I had to do something so it could grow out.


For this kind of situations I use only 4 things. A tea filter for loose tea, nail glue for Acrylic nails, the fast help repair from p2 and my p2 nail file for soft nails..
Alternatively you can also use a normal tea bag and a clear polish, but I prefer the nail glue since it lasts longer.


For the first step I file the area were the nail ripped. I use a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover to clean the nail and then prepare the tea filter. I cut a piece in the size to cover the ripped nail and a bit more.



Then I put the nail glue over the ripped area and put on the cut tea filter. Carefully I use my metal file to push the filter into the nail glue and keep it in place. Wait a bit and let it dry.






After the nail glue dried completely you can use the soft nail file to file down the edges of the tea filter so you have a smooth nail surface.

When you get the result you wanted you can apply the fast help repair polish.


You should be left with a nice surface to even put on a nice nail polish.

Now your ripped nail can grow out without any pain.

I hope this post was helpful. Let me know how you repair broken nails. Also comment me after you tried this :)