variations of french manicure – one

Hey lovelies,

today I have something different for you.

we all know and probably love french nails, but have you tried different variations of french yet?

Today I want to show you the discreet and simple white french manicure and later a little twist on them. I hope you like it :)

simple french manicure

There are many ways to create the white tip for the french manicure. You can use sticker to create a clear line or do it by hand.
Since the sticker always leave an uneven line, no matter if I let the polish dry or take the sticker off while the polish is still dry.

I am more into hand painting the white tip.




A little twist on the simple french manicure is this one with a little silver glitter on top from wet n wild.








I painted the clear glitter polish a bit over the whole nail and I really like the outcome. I imagine this either for a wedding, if your dress contains some glitter Swarovski for example or as prom nails :)

How do you like it?

In my next post I have some more colorful variations for you. I hope you like it.




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