[Review] Maybelline Colorshow – 749 electric yellow & 110 urban coral

Hey lovelies,

as you might remember, a few weeks ago I bought some of the Maybelline Colorshow polishes together with their new nail art pens.


Today I want to review the first two of them.

749 electric yellow

a nice bright yellow polish which makes me want to do a fun Bee nail art.
Sadly it is not super opaque so I applied three coats – with two coats the nail tips were still shining through.




110 urban coral


for my taste a too pink for a coral named polish. Not a big fan of it, but maybe I can use it for some nail arts.
The application was just as normal as with all the Colorshow polishes. I feel the brushes are just between thin and wide, so I say they are normal^^




In general I like the Colorshow polishes, because the quality is mostly good and they have some super fun colors and LE’s – plus they are super affordable with just 1,75 euro. So even if one polish is a miss it is still not a big problem.

What do you think of them?
Let me know in the comments. :)

Also I am sorry for being late again, was making myself some shirts. Would you be interested to see something like this as well?



10 thoughts on “[Review] Maybelline Colorshow – 749 electric yellow & 110 urban coral

  1. Great swatches! I tried maybe three Colorshow polishes and they were all misses! Maybe I’m not trying the right ones, but after three fails I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase another one.

    Yellow polishes are having a moment with me. Would you recommend Electric Yellow?

    • let me ask you first, why do you feel the ones you bought were misses?
      Which ones did you buy and also what are you looking for in a good polish?
      When I have these informations it is easier to say if I recomment Electric Yellow.
      Tastes are different, some people like thin brushes – some wide. I for example prefere liquid polishes, not creamy ones.^^

      • I don’t remember the names because I tossed them pretty quick but one was a dark blue creme, the other was a red glitter and the other was a red creme.

        I am not too picky about brushes and I prefer the lighter formulas too but after a few uses the polishes dried up in the bottle and became unusably thick. I couldn’t even save them with acetone or polish thinner! I usually cap the bottles between coats so I’ve never experienced this with other polishes.

        I can be a little more understanding about the glitter because it was so thick to begin with and the glitters were really dense (If I remember it was from the Brocades collection?).

        Now that I think about it more I don’t think I’ve tried anything from their core line…all LE…hmmm

      • yeah I get where you are coming from.
        In general the LE or glitter polishes are a bit tricky. I remember the recent neon collection, it is so damn creamy and the more I use it the more it thickens up I feel.
        The glitters or LE’s like street artist are difficult too sometimes, because as you said they are a bit thicker to begin with to keep in the particles while applying. I feel you have to apply fast to get a good even result.

        As for electric yellow, when I applied it I also felt it becoming a bit more creamy and thick the more I applied and the longer the bottle was open. So maybe the Colorshow polishes in general are not for you. I don’t mind too much because as I said, they are cheap here. BUT I think because of their creamy consistency they are good for nail arts. Did you try using them for dots with a dotting tool?

      • Thank you so much for your thoughts! I tried them for dotting and other nail art but really had to water them down and I still had strings :(.

        I guess it might just be my preference, they are little more expensive at 7.50 – 8.99 USD. I’d rather buy an OPI or China Glaze for a couple more dollars! :)

        Thanks again!

      • well that just makes sense, I probably wouldn’t buy them for that price either. There are just so much more great Brands who offer a better quality.

        I am very happy I could help :D

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