[sponsored] Halloween with Maskworld – scarred face

Good evening everyone,

today I have another Halloween inspired Make-up look for you.
For all of you who haven’t read the first post on my cooperation with Maskworld.com, I was lucky enough to pick a few products to try out for my Halloween series.


Maskworld.com is the leading Online store for everything you need to create the perfect Costume and was founded in 1999 in Berlin. They offer a wide range of products, from high quality and trendy costumes, to Wigs, Make-up, special effects Make-up and Contact lenses. They ship worldwide and also have a huge new store located near Hackescher Markt atOranienburger Str. 86a in Berlin.

For today’s look I picked their Collodium, which basically is a brush-on Scar Fluid. You can paint on one or several layers to get a light or stronger effect on the scars. Be careful though not to put it near you eye are, the scent is very strong. Also if you want to use it on your lips, be sure to also buy the Collodium remover or it might tear your lips.




I really enjoyed trying this product, because you can get a very nice effect with not much effort.
I basically put on my normal foundation and used brown matte eye shadow to create this sick look not using any mascara on my eyes.
Then I started to brush on layers of Collodium, depending where I want them to appear deeper or softer. I also used fake skin, which was just wax which was included in an Aqua Make-up set. With this I created scars that should look more old and damaged. I hope you can see what I tried to achieve. On those scars I used translucent powder and matte eye shadow again to darken them up as well.

On my lips I used red Aqua Make-up and around them a little of the Collodium.

I had no real plan on what character I wanted to create, but I simply wanted to try the product and have fun with it. I feel like this character could be a damaged person from maybe an asylum, who has bee through a lot in her life.

A big thank you again to Maskworld.com for sending me those awesome products.

Please check out the Maskworld.com Online Store, they ship worldwide.

also check out their other social media accounts

Maskworld Instagram
Maskworld Facebook
Maskworld YouTube


Let me know what you think of this look. I have one more coming up on Thursday.

Have a great night




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