[Review] Ciaté’s Mini Mani Manor 2014 (UK) – PP173 sloaney, sweetie

Happy Friday everyone,

today I would like to review the only effect top coat from Ciaté’s Mini Mani Minor Advent Calender.

The top coat is called Sloaney, sweetie and is a nice “feather” polish with rose, yellow, white and silver bar glitter in a clear base.



I love such feather polishes but I am not sure if it is the combination within the top coat or the combination with the base color sharp tailoring, I am not too happy with the result.




I applied the usual two coats of sharp tailoring and then sloaney, sweetie either at the cuticle area, slightly up towards the tip or across the whole nail (ring finger).

The bar glitter was also a little bit hard to work with. The clear base dried so quickly that it is difficult to get separate bar glitters out of the polish. Instead you got big blobs with kind of gluey textured polish.

I will try to thin it down with polish thinner the next time I am using it, but for now I feel it is quiet difficult to work with.

Do you own this polish and can tell me your experience? I would love to hear it.

 photo Mara2.jpg


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