[Review] Ciaté – Under the sea

Hey lovelies,

today I want to introduce to you a set by Ciaté I didn’t even know about before I saw it at my local TKmaxx.

Here we go with Under the sea


Besides it’s obviously perfect name (I am a huge fan of Ariel the Mermaid) this set is a super fun and bright bundle of joy. It includes three full-sized paint pots and comes in a cute sea/ocean inspired package.



All three polishes are super bright but require 2 good or 3 normal coats of polish. The polishes dry pretty quickly to a glossy finish.

The following polishes are included: (left to right)

  • PP135 palm tree
  • PP010 holiday blues
  • PP064 the glossip

Palm Tree is a very green polish, be careful though to use at least one or better 2 coats of base coat here and as well for holiday blues, sine most green or blue polishes can leave stains on your nails.

Nonetheless this polish is super fun. So far I haven’t seen a polish this bright green without being a pain in the a** to apply. This baby goes on super smoothly though. So I am happy now that I have a nice green polish in my collection.




Holiday Blues is also nice and bright, a good polish to create ocean inspired nails or a bright blue sky. It applies just as easy as Palm Tree and dries equally fast.




The glossip was probably the biggest surprise from this set. It is more of a coral pink instead of a “normal” kind of cold toned pink, which I really appreciate about this polish. I feel it is pretty unique so it turned out to be my favorite from this set. Who would have thought^^

Don’t let the picture fool you, in real it doesn’t look that red-ish.





I was really surprised to find this set. As far as I know they must have released it some time in 2014 I guess? I find the idea super cute, would have loved to have a sparkling top coat though, maybe some shiney polishes to re-create the shimer of the sun in the ocean water. To top that off I would have loved some small nail decorations, like shells, a crab or something like that. Maybe some foils to re-create a mermaids tail.

Now THAT woukd have been under the sea :D


Anyways, please also check my friend AJ’s post on this set. She created a super cute ocean inspired manicure.

 photo Mara2.jpg


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