[Review] Ciaté – Flower Manicure

Good evening everyone,

since spring is coming and the flowers start to bloom I wanted to introduce you to Ciaté’s Flower Manicure Kit. It comes in two different set’s. One in pink (Strike A Posy) and one in blue (Bada Bloom [sold out]). Both kit’s include a mini polish, some different flowers, as well as a pair of tweezers, a nail file and a full sized Speed Coat Pro top coat.

I bought the blue set – Bada Bloom.



Again, the packaging is cute as heck. Do you see the details on the carton?


My set included different kinds of flowers as well as different colored flowers. You can tell that they must have colored them to make them more bright, since the color comes off when you remove them from the nail later.

The tweezers are really good quality if you ask me and might be the reason why they didn’t include a full-sized polish in this set. You gotta know, the kit is usually around 20,- € so if you add up the regular prices of all products (full sized top coat ~ 10,- €; full sized polish ~ 10,- €; plus tweezers and flowers) you get more then the paid price.


The polish included in my set is ferris wheel, such a pretty light polish. Perfect for spring!


The quality of PP119 Ferris wheel is as great as always. A good polish which is opaque in two good coats. It is a creme polish that goes one smoothly and dries with a shiney finish. I really love this color, I just wished they would have included a full sized paint pot and some more flowers.





Here you see ferris wheel with some cute blue butterflies. Ideal for a spring manicure. I bought mine at Woolworth.



Let’s move on to the Flower Manicure.

First you apply 2 coats of base color and let it dry properly, else you’ll ruin the whole mani. After that apply some clear polish of nail glue to add the flowers. Be careful not to apply to much pressure while picking them up with the tweezer or you’ll break them. Set them on the nail, where you added the clear polish or nail glue and carefully press them down on to the nail. Also carefully press down the edges of the flowers until they nicely stick to the nails. Let it dry seal them in with one or two coats of fast drying top coat.

Here is my result.

left hand






right hand





I am in love with this cute design. I just wished it wouldn’t be so super textured. Don’t get me wrong, I like sand polished with texture and I like studs, but this was a bit to much for me. Some nails were fine, like my middle finger with the 2 flowers, but some were difficult to bare with – like my thumb nails haha

Maybe I shouldn’t add another flower over the purple one, but in general I love the idea and outcome of this mani. It’s just so cute and prefect for spring.

What do you think?

 photo Mara2.jpg


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