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Hey lovelies,

as promised, today I have an interesting blog post for you about the toe nail tips form California Nails.

Not only was I lucky enough to receive 3 packs of their toe nail tips, but also the neon beach nail sticker collection. Thank you so much to the super nice team of California Nails!


Currently they offer 22 of 23 different designs for the toe nail tips and 4 neon colors within the neon beach nail sticker collection.

They asked me which designs I liked and therefore send me the following:

The rainbow pastel nail toe tips with glitter are really gorgeous, but it was difficult for me to catch that on camera.


Each pack contains 24 different sized nail tips to choose from. I took all of them out of the package to show what you can expect. I really like that they choose so many sizes and also placed numbers at the tips so you can easily pick them up and get the same sizes for both feet. You can also use your nail file to shape and resize them if needed.


Each pack comes with a small nail file and glue to secure your nail tips.
The set with the skulls also contained a plastic stick/skewer with which you could push back your cuticles. With the other side you could pick up the nail tips.



The application process is very easy:

  • if needed, shorten and file your natural nails
  • use cuticle remover and push back your cuticles
    (my favorite one is the instant cuticle remover from Sally Hansen)
  • buff and clean your nails from any dust and oils
    (you can use 90% alcohol or polish remover)
  • find the right size for your toes
  • if needed, file them to size and shape
  • apply the right amount of glue to your nail
  • add the right nail tip and press firmly for 10-15 seconds
  • repeat with all your nails
  • last but not least clip off the tips and file the edges

To show you how easy the application is watch either the how to… video from California nails


or watch the version I recorded for you


As you can see, I picked the black silver glitter nail tips with rhinestones to wear first.





The nails should last for about  2 to 4 weeks, depending how well you buffed and cleaned the nails and how well you glued them to your natural nails.

I applied mine last week on Saturday and there was no splitting, or falling off so far. I showered several times and took a bath as well. Nothing happened :)

If you have more questions, you can also check (the german) FAQ on their website.

I also decided to match my fingernails to my pretty toe nails. How do you like them?


The following two pictures show my feet in direct sunlight. Isn’t that pretty?!

I am in love!



If you have any wish or recommendation regarding the designs of the toe nail tips feel free to send the team of California Nails an e-mail at stick@c-nails.com

Their online shop is available since beginning of 2015. You can order within Germany and pay in advance by bank transfer or paypal.

The code [SEXYNAILSXX] will get you 10 % off your order.



Please let me know in the comments what you think of the nails and the design.

I would also be happy if you would follow my Instagram, like my Facebook and subscribe to my YouTube channel :)


Have a great day

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