Tips & Tricks – four- [DIY] – liquid latex for nail designs

Good evening everyone,

today I have a little DIY for you if you would like to call it like that.

Every person who likes to do nail arts, especially stamping or using glitter polishes probably knows liquid latex. There are many companies who sell it. Two products I tried were color stop! by p2 and Clean Edge from Liri’s Beautywelt.

IMG_3371b IMG_3780b

Both worked well for me. I really liked Clean Edge because you can use it for different purposes. I also like the thin brush, which makes the application very easy and clean.


Usually I use Clean Edge for regular application around your nail


and as a base if I am swatching glitter polishes. A plus is the blue color of this liquid latex, which looks like a blue base color.



After that you can stamp away~Here are a few examples.






For tiny amounts of polish I either use a small brush dipped in polish remover or a color correcting pen like this one from p2.


Clean Edge seriously is a great product. I love the consistency and how fast it dries, but to be honest the price of 4,95 € is a bit too much since I am using it on a regular basis. Those 12ml bottles would be empty in no time if I kept using it as much as I do.

I thought what if I bought normal liquid latex and try to use it for my nails?

I browsed the web and found a germany Website called Latex-24

  • 1l natural latex (low ammoniac, thick liquid) 60% solids – white/clear 12,99€
  • 100ml natural latex (ammoniac free, thin liquid) 60% solids metallic blue 5,99€


I also used loose glitter from Michael’s Art & Craft and an empty polish bottle to fill in my latex mixture. For my first batch I used about 60% of the white latex and 20% of the metallic blue latex. After I mixed and combined these to by shaking the bottle I added the loose glitter.


You can see that it worked pretty well. I love the blue color and glitter in it.


The best part is when it’s dry. Pure glitter magic :D

I figured that the thin latex is best, so I liked the metal blue latex better. It comes in many colors, metallic or not. So that’s what I would recommend to you. 100ml go a long way even if you use it regularly.

You can also check out Steffi’s Blog post about liquid latex, over at frisch lackiert

Let me know what you think and if you work with liquid latex.

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