[LACKtastischer Adventskalender] 11th of Dec – red/gold

Good morning everyone,

welcome to door number 11 of Lackliebe‘s [LACKtastischer Adventskalender]. For today’s theme I picked red/gold, which originally was presents!

I did a manicure matching the original theme presents, but was not very happy with it. Because of that I decided to do a red/gold manicure as well.

Please join in as well. If you do it on Instagram, make sure to use #lackvent2015 so we can see your Advent nail designs as well.

What I used? (presents)


  • Make-up Factory – 347 black glam
  • Catrice – Rocking Royals LE – C03 Royal  Blue
  • trend IT UP – Sprakling Glamour LE – 030
  • Catrice – 59 First Class up-grape
  • just cosmetics – 020 sparkle green

I started this manicure by painting each nail in a different base color and letting it dry.


Afterwards I used different shimmer and glitter polishes to paint on the ropes for the presents. I used a thin brush to make it as neat as possible. After this dried I added a clear top coat and used different rhine stones to create the bows.


Et voilà, you are done.


What I used? (red/gold)


  • Ciaté – party shoes
  • Sally Hansen – Salon Manicure – gilded Lily
  • trend IT UP – Sparkling Glamour LE – 010

Paint your nails a nice shimmer red base color and let it dry completely. Add liquid latex around the tips of your nails, let it dry and use Ciaté’s party shoes to add a little bit of shimmer to the lower part of your nails up to the tips. After that dries use the almost dry brush with Sally’s gilded Lily to add a little sparkle starting around the middle of the nail up to the tips. After that is dry you can carefully add more glitter with a make-up sponge. Keep adding until you are happy, but be careful not to create a harsh line. After you are done use Ciaté’s party shoes one last time to add the last coat of shimmer and to blend everything together.



How do you like it? You can always use less gold glitter if you feel it is too much.

yesterdays door: Janine from Lackliebe
tomorrows door: Eliane from Die-Lackmamsell



The themes for next Advent Sunday’s are as followed:

3rd Advent (Dec 13th) – favorite christmas polish
4th Advent (Dec 20th) – Advent wreath


Please check out the other participating girls as well:

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Eliane from Die-Lackmamsell
Myrstine from Myristine
I hope you have a great Friday.
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