[LACKtastischer Adventskalender] 19th of Dec – silver

Good morning everyone,

welcome to door number 19 of Lackliebe‘s [LACKtastischer Adventskalender]. Today is my last personal door, even though I will still make a manicure for christmas and new years. For today’s theme I picked silver/grey, which originally was The Grinch!

I really wanted to try the Grinch but ended up not doing it because I simply had so many other things to do as well. Maybe next year.

The good thing is that the theme silver is very easy, so please join in as well. If you do it on Instagram, make sure to use #lackvent2015 so we can see your Advent nail designs as well.

What I used?


  • Ciaté – London Baby
  • Sally Hansen – 853 of cors-et
  • p2 – Sand Style – 050 Confidential
  • O.P.I. – This Gown Needs a Crown
  • Make-up Factory – 347 Black Glam
  • p2 – Glamorous Finish Holo Top Coat – 040 Just Fantastic

As you can see I added a different polish on each nail. on my thumb I applied a white base coat, then Sally’s of cors-et on top, as well as a coat of Ciaté’s London Baby. On my pointer and ring finger I applied O.P.I.’s This Gown Needs a Crown and added silver pearls on top of it at my ring finger. On my middle finger I applied p2’s sand style polish confidential and  on my pinky I added Make-up Factory’s Black Glam with a slight coat of p2’s holo top coat.


This manicure has many different finishes and silver/grey tones and was the first one I made. Since it was not mainly silver I decided to do one more.

What I used?

  • Ciaté – Looking Glass
  • Ciaté – Unrestricted Glam
  • Ciaté – Celestial
  • O.P.I. – snowflakes in the air
  • wet n wild – Lakeidoscope


As a base I applied Ciaté’s Looking Glass on all my nails except the ring finger. There I added Ciaté’s Unrestricted Glam and while it dried I carefully added my DIY liquid latex.



I then used Ciaté’s Celestial to apply a little bit of glitter to the bottom of my nail, followed by O.P.I.’s snowflakes in the air. Keep adding glitter until you are happy and try not to create any harsh lines or edges. I also added a little bit of small glitter/holo with wet n wild’s kaleidoscope, which I also added on top of all the other nails where I applied Looking Glass.





I am very happy with the second design and hope you like it too.

What do you think?

yesterdays door: Steffi from Gepunkteter-NagellackBlog
tomorrows door: everyone – 4.Advent – Advent wreath



The themes for next Advent Sunday’s are as followed:

4th Advent (Dec 20th) – Advent wreath


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I hope you have a nice Saturday.
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