[LACKtastischer Adventskalender] 30th of Dec – new years nails

Good morning everyone,

welcome to the last door of Lackliebe‘s [LACKtastischer Adventskalender].

The year is over and we are already done with our Advent calender. I really hope you enjoyed it.

2015 was a crazy year for me, Blog-wise and private-wise. I met so many new and awesome people. Had so many opportunities to colaborate with other people and brands, but mostly experienced so many great SocialMovie Nights. :D

You know my heart is really invested in the SocialMovieNights.

Anyway, I hope you had a great year as well. To celebrate that we have one last manicure for you.

Today’s theme is new years nails.

Please join in for one last time. If you do it on Instagram, make sure to use #lackvent2015 so we can see your Advent nail designs as well.

What I used?


  • Maybelline Colorshow – Fashion Print nail stickers
  • black and white nail polish
  • gold and silver studs

For this manicure I painted my ring finger with a white polish, let it dry and added a fast drying top coat. Meanwhile I added black polish to all my other nails. I made sure to really let dry the white polish, because I wanted to add the lace nail sticker on top.


The other nails were covered with black polish and topped with gold and silver studs. After everything was dried I added a clear tops coat and was left with a nice, classic manicure.



I really like the look and hope you do too. Please show me your new years nails as well. I would love to see them.

Guys and Girls, that is it! This was the last door of our [LACKtastischer Adventskalender]. I really hope you enjoyed it.
Please check back and see all of this years designs.
Nov 29  everyone  snowflakes
Dec 1  Janine  Lackliebe
Dec 2  Älono  Life-Love-NailPolish
Dec 3  Melanie  Lackliebe
Dec 4  Mara  AllTheSmallStuffAndThings
Dec 5  Ida  HeartShapedDream
Dec 6  everyone  saint Nicolas
Dec 7  Steffi  Gepunkteter-NagellackBlog
Dec 8  Ida  HeartShapedDream
Dec 9  Twinkler  TwinklersTreasures
Dec 10  Janine  Lackliebe
Dec 11  Mara  AllTheSmallStuffAndThings
Dec 12  Eliane  Die-Lackmamsell
Dec 13  everyone  favorite christmas polish
Dec 14  Steffi  Gepunkteter-NagellackBlog
Dec 15  Ida  HeartShapedDream
Dec 16  Twinkler  TwinklersTreasures
Dec 17  Janine  Lackliebe
Dec 18  Steffi  Gepunkteter-NagellackBlog
Dec 19  Mara  AllTheSmallStuffAndThings
Dec 20  everyone  Advent wreath
Dec 21  Ida  HeartShapedDream
Dec 22  Melle  BalbinaTrends
Dec 23  Eliane  Die-Lackmamsell
Dec 24  everyone  christmas nails
Dec 31  everyone  new years nails

This years participants were:

Initiator: Janine from Lackliebe
Melle from BalbinaTrends
Twinkler from TwinklersTreasures
Mixi from MixisMixBlog
Eliane from Die-Lackmamsell
Myrstine from Myristine
Have a great new years and be healthy and happy in 2016!

Happy New Year

I will see you again in 2016!

 photo Mara2.jpg

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