HAULy friday – 29 – Lovenails

Hello everyone,

today I am back with a new HAULy friday post about yet another order from LoveNails.


lovenails logo

It’s no secret that I order all of my nail supplies from Philip, the founder of LoveNails.

This time I wanted to try some of the new products, such as new stampers for comparison with the creative shop stamper I already own, as well as some nail art supplies and hehe stamping plates.


What did I get?

Order, delivery and customer service were top-notch, as always. I am very happy with the products since I had some time to test most of them.

LoveNails acetone

570 ml for about 6 € is pretty fair I think. This will last you a while. I only use it to clean up my cuticle area after nail are or to clean brushes. For removing nail polish I still use polish remover. I also think it is a good product, simply does what it’s supposed to do.
Crazy Polish Lady – Cosmic Love

Do you remember that Philip send me one of these as a sample to try out? Then you might also know that I am totally in love with this polish. Sadly they stopped producing these polishes which is why I had to get a bit of a restock of this particular polish.







This time I got another polish as sample and even though I am not much a pink loving girl, I really like this polish. it is unique and the texture is great! it dries super quickly and looks super cute.

Crazy Polish Lady – Breakfast at Tiffany’s



This time I also bought 3 new stamping plates.

picture rights reserved by www.lovenails-shop.de

This MR-01 Xmas plate was on sale, so I thought why not try? I liked the images and christmas is almost around the corner ;)


The following two are new plates by aiyohehe.

I really liked the floral peony image and the patterns around.

hehe 73


This one I mostly bought for the patterns around the flower.

hehe 81


Philip also added tons of glitter and glitter dust to his shop. Definitely worth it to check it out. I bought the

holo glitter dust silver


holo glitter dust white


Really excited to try them out and see how they look on the nails.


nail overlay in red

Another small nail art item. I though these would look nice on a nice dark polish.



nail art tape black and nail art tape white

basic tool for nail art, I don’t know much more to say about it haha




Before we start with the stampers, I want to remind you that I already bought the original creative shop stamper a while ago. I am very very happy with the stamper. It makes stamping nail arts so easy!



Then I saw all these new stampers popping up, like the clear jelly stamper, which I think is a great idea if you need to place a specific image properly. So I wanted to try that out as well. Philip also got me two other no name stampers to try out, continue reading for a comparison of all of these stampers.

jelly stamper

You might have seen this stamper in several different shops. Some sell the original one, some sell more soft ones. This stamper is nice because you can look right through it, which makes placing your images a lot easier. They come in several colors, even with a clear plastic shell. I got the purple one.



no name clear jelly stamper (not for sale) and no name clear XXL jelly stamper (not for sale) inlc. protective top covers.

Don’t mind that I put the creative shop LoveNails scraper card on the following two pictures even though these are not creative shop stampers. That is simply the only scraper I use and I didn’t even realize that it doesn’t match with the stampers here.

These are actually very nice. They are softer than the purple stamper and a bit sticky.


comparison between the purple clear jelly stamper and the no name clear jelly stamper. The size is basically identical, even though I must say that I love the no name one since it has a protective top cover.


Last but not least is this enchanting XXL galaxy stamper from creative shop, which I received since I have won a giveaway that LoveNails hosted.



This is just amazingly pretty and I could get lost looking at the stamper head. Don’t you agree?


It is even bigger than the original creative shop stamper, which already is pretty big. The metal cup holder has two indents to make it easier to hold. The stamper head was also created to fit perfectly into the metal cup and not slide into it during pressing the stamper on to the plates or nails.



Immediately after receiving the stamper I had to get to stamping to try them out and get a first impression. I used a plain white paper to place the images and see the results. As you can see I only used the original creative shop stamper and the clear jelly ones. But not the galaxy stamper. I can tell you though that I did indeed try it and I really like it as well. It is even softer than the original creative shop stamper, which can be a good or bad thing, depending on which plates, images and polishes you use.


quick review:

As you can see I used several different plates and images, but I used the same for all stampers.
The original creative shop stamper is still one of my favorites, since it picks up most images very well. It is quite difficult though to place an image precisely. Here come all the other ones in handy. I have to say though that the purple jelly stamper had some problems stamping sharp outlines. Everything looked kinda grey, even though I used a black stamping polish for all these tests. The no name stampers on the other hand created a nicer result on some images. I found it most easy to use the big no name stamper. Do you see how it picked up and placed the little heard perfectly? With the other stampers there was always a bit missing. It had big problems though with the upper images.

To make it short, the result always depends on the quality of your plates, the polish and your image. I found the purple clear jelly stamper a bit hard to use, since it was much harder than the other ones. I loved the complete clear ones, because it was so easy to place the images precisely. From those two the big one is my favorite. The winner is still the original creative stamper. I wish they would make a clear one of it. That might satisfy all my stamping needs haha

I still gotta try the new XXL jelly stamper with a metal cup holder from LoveNails. It has really good reviews as much as I saw.

I hope my little review was helpful. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

Have a great weekend,

 photo Mara2.jpg


lovenails logo


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