#ScaryweenChallenge 2016 – nail designs


Seriously, how can it be that October is already over?
Especially this year flew by like it was nothing. I still can’t believe it. That said, it means that my halloween collaboration with Heidi (Heidi’s Polish), called #ScaryweenChallenge, is already over as well.

To look back at our first nail art challenge, that mostly took place on Instagram and Facebook, I decided to post all my designs on my blog as well.

Let’s go …

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[Event Review] BeautyBloggerCafé 2016

Good evening everyone,

today’s blog post is about the 4th BeautyBloggerCafé, which was held by StyleRanking October 15th at Gebrüder-Fritz in Mitte-Berlin.


picture rights reserved by
Styleranking on Instagram

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