[Event Review] BeautyBloggerCafé 2016

Good evening everyone,

today’s blog post is about the 4th BeautyBloggerCafé, which was held by StyleRanking October 15th at Gebrüder-Fritz in Mitte-Berlin.


picture rights reserved by
Styleranking on Instagram

You may have seen some of my pictures from the event on my Instagram or Facebook.

Along with about 100 other Beauty Bloggers I was able to experience my 3rd BeautyBloggerCafé and a wonderful day of networking with fellow bloggers and companies/brands. I also enjoyed meeting some of my blogger friends (Heidi from HeidisPolish and Inga from Nostalgiaqueen).

For those of you who don’t know the location, the Gebrüder-Fritz in Mitte-Berlin has a total of 300m² and is divided in a couple separate rooms. Heidi and I arrived around 12 o clock and felt right at home. As always, the location was beautifully decorated and after receiving our name tags, my first stop was the team of Beni Durrer, which I had the pleasure of meeting at last years BBC (BeautyBloggerCafé). After that I visited them on a regular basis for their look events, Make-up consultation and I even was a Make-up model for some of their trainees. Anyway, I had to see them first and give everyone a hug and say Hi!

After that we went into the kitchen to get some drinks. The team of StyleRanking always takes such good care of the invited Bloggers. They prepared a lot of snacks, drinks and other goodies to try out. As I learned, sadly after the event, Jessica from Buah Smoothies and their products were also at the event, but located behind the pile of foods, so she really didn’t stick out. I am sorry. Otherwise I would have tried their products of course.

If you want to see more close-up food porn, please check the links of the other Bloggers. There you will find pictures of the food for sure ;)

Located in the same room as Beni Durrer, in the so-called Beauty-Attack Area, were four other brands.

First up Swiss Smile, which introduced us to their professional tooth cleaning pastes and brushes. I am curious to try them, since they were included into our goodie-bag.


Further into the room was Schaebens, which should ring a bell for all of you.
They offer all sorts of high quality facemasks. Furthermore they offer beauty concentrates with highly concentrated active agent combinations and a dead sea product line for people with problem skin. Other than cosmetic products they also distribute food supplement products, over-the-counter products and medical products for better health, vitality and efficiency.


I am a big fan of their products for years now and was happy to see dear Jolenta again, which I also met a year ago. Since she knows how much I love their face masks and that I even send tons of them to my best friend in Japan, she allowed me to take as much as I wanted to be prepared for winter and give them away.

Can you tell that I am obsessed? haha


Also, their macaroons where to die for!!!


Next was the team of MetaCrew, which offers different box subscription service like Pink box, Brigitte box, Luxury box and others.

At their “both” we could pick out five beauty items to create our own MetaCrew box.

Here is what I picked for my box.

Bloggers in need of a new manicure were welcome at the booth of Sally Hansen. They had two nail technicians with them, the big product display and several lovely ladies who were happy to answer all our questions. The Sally Hansen area was also beautifully decorated with flowers and props to take pictures with.

They also had a giveaway, which you had to post a picture of your #SallyNails to win a years supply of nail polish.

Here you can see my try on that.


Even before the event I knew Sally Hansen, not only from the complete salon manicure which is sold in Germany, but also for all their other polish lines that are sold in the USA. I own a lot of their different product lines and their complete care 7 in 1 base coat and instant cuticle remover are some of my must-have nail care products.


img_2935bb img_2940bb

Due to my strong nail related content I was allowed to pick up most of their nail care products to try out and some of their polishes as well.


complete salon manicure polishes with new formula



2 step miracle gel polishes with top coat


I am already working on a couple of blog posts about these, so please stay tuned if you are interested.

Since the miracle cure and polish 641 belle of the ball wasn’t available at the booth anymore, they were also so kind to send them to me after the event.



I was very happy to talk to the team of Sally Hansen, because I had several questions about their product range. Thanks for your time girls. :)

Last but definitely not least, Beni Durrer.

There is so much to tell about the Berlin based brand. You should check out their website since they nicely wrote down all the needed information about founder Beni Durrer and the companies philosophy. Beni Durrer creates a full range of make-up products, as well as skin care products and make-up brushes and other essentials.

But not enough, Beni also founded a make-up school in Berlin, where you can learn to become a professional make-up artist or take workshops on how to do bridal make-up or other things. The team is super nice and I really enjoy being around them.

Located in the next room was the natural cosmetic brand Weleda.

I was definitely in love with their room decoration and was really excited to learn more about the products. Ricarda took her time telling me all about the pomegranate line that was displayed. She gave me all their nail care products from that line so I could try and review them on my blog. Even before the event I made experiences with some of the Weleda products, which were through and through positive. So stay tuned for my blog post about the Weleda products as well.


Within the next room was HSE24 and Braun.

I was listening to the things that Nick Assfalg had to say at the HSE24 booth, but to be honest, it just didn’t catch my attention. The products didn’t seem high quality and the presentation seemed poorly executed. That’s why I wasn’t spending much time at the booth after all. Heidi and I checked him and his products on the internet afterwards and were left stunned by the bad reviews.


On to another beloved brand of mine, Braun.


picture rights reserved by
BraunBeautyDE in Instagram

I was already very familiar with the team and the products from Braun, since I own their Satin Hair 7 IONTEC  brush for fine (white) and normal (black) hair ,  the Satin Hair 7 EC1 hair curler, Satin Hair SensoCare hair straightener and the Satin Hair SensoDryer. All of them really high quality and a total recommendation.

They displayed a lot of products, not only hair styling, but also hair removal tools….such as the FaceSpa and Silk-épil 9 SkinSpa.

Just as last year, they had hair stylists to help us try out the products and take care of our hair. And just as last year, I loved the Braun beauty area.


By the end of the day I was a really happy girl, which was topped with a nice goodie bag full of more products from the partners and sponsors, as well as further information’s.

For the first time in BeautyBloggerCafé history, the team of StyleRanking revealed the content of the goodie-bag already a day before the event.


picture rights reserved by
Styleranking on Instagram














I had a really wonderful day! Thanks again to StyleRanking and all the partners and sponsors who made this day possible and so special. I think the BeautyBloggerCafé will always be dear to my heart, since it was my very first event shortly after I started blogging. I really appreciate all the hard work and passion everyone puts into making this day so great.

If you would like to learn more about StyleRanking or their events FashionBloggerCafé, BeautyBloggerCafé or ElternBloggerCafé please check the links below.

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Official Blog post and more pictures from http://www.StyleRanking.de


If you want to read more and see more pictures of this years BeautyBloggerCafé, please check the Blog posts of all the fellow Bloggers who attended this year and wrote a post about it.

Inga from www.Nostalgiaqueen.wordpress.com
Antonia from www.fioswelt.de
Lilie from www.liliesbeauty.com
Sabine from www.lippenstift-und-butterbrot.de
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Tatjana from www.sectionofstyle.com
Coco from www.ambinu.com
Karina from www.inaalovephotographie.blogspot.de

I hope you have a great night, please let me know how you liked this post.

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