[Review] ORLY – breathable & coastal crush

Hello everyone,

today I would like to introduce to you the breathable bridal and coastal crush mini kits polishes from ORLY.

I already reviewed a couple of polishes from the breathable line here, but since I have received the breathable mini kit and the coastal mini kit, I would like to show them to you as well.

In this post:

  • quick follow-up on the ORLY breathable collection
  • introduction to the ORLY coastal crush summer 2017 collection
  • overview of the available polishes
  • swatches of the 4 polishes I tried
  • conclusion: what I think

Disclaimer: advertisement – the following products were sponsored by ORLY Germany, it does not affect my opinion though


Like I said before, in march I already received five full-sized shades from the ORLY breathable collection. I was allowed to pick the shades myself and chose the following:

To refresh your memory, take a look below.


Since these are supposed to be use without a base coat, especially the red and purple were a must-test for me, I thought they might stain my nails. They didn’t! I was honestly impressed due to the application, dry time and nourishing effect. To say the least, I still am in love with them!


left to right: Pick-Me-Up, Power Packed, Stronger Than Ever, Nourishing Nude, The Antidote


Last week I received a surprise package from ORLY Germany with two mini kits, the breathable bridal and coastal crush mini kits.

Thanks so much for sending these through! I am always happy to try out new shades and especially collections from ORLY, since the are 12-free! That means ORLY nail lacquers are formulated without Toluene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, MEHQ/HQ, MIT, Parabens, Animal Derived Ingredients or Gluten.

The breathable mini kit is a selection of shades from the wide breathable collection. It comes in two versions, I got the bridal set, meaning the four colors that are included are more on the nude side and therefore great for brides to be. The mini kits includes four shades called barely there, rehab, pamper me and nail superfood.

left to right: barely there, rehab, pamper me, nail superfood


The first polish, barely there, is a warm white crème polish. Like the name suggest, it looks almost white and with one coat is a little sheer – barely there. The peachy nude crème is called rehab, and I feel, a mix between a light pink and beige. Pamper me is a baby pink crème polish, really pretty and perfect for a discreet bridal manicure. The last shade is nail superfood, a very pretty bright watermelon crème polish. I love that they included a bright shade in the mini kit as well, because not every bride wants a nude simple mani am I right? You can also use it for stamping or gradient.

Below you can see swatches on nail sticks. Left to right barely there, rehab, pamper me and nail superfood. The swatches on the nail sticks are pretty true to color, the nail swatches below are as well. Only nail superfood is a bit off.

barely there




pamper me


nail superfood

I can’t actually choose which of these is my favorite, since they are all very pretty.

Below you can see the nail stick swatch of nourishing nude, which seemed similar at first, but looks totally different in comparison.

The coastal crush collection on the other hand is super bright and perfect for summer. It includes 6 shades that are very bright and colorful, I even go there and say they are neon! The whole summer collection has 6 shades, names see below. The mini kit on the other hand includes four shades called summer fling, no regrets, for the first time and under the stars.

left to right: for the first time, no regrets, sea you soon, summer fling, surfer dude, under the stars


Immediately when I saw these polishes I loved how bright and neon-y they are. Summer fling is the first shade and a lovely peach crème, followed by no regrets – a bright magenta crème. For the first time is a poppy purple crème and sea you soon is a lovely bright blue shimmer. I can’t say it enough, these are just stunning!!!

Usually neon polishes are pretty difficult to capture on camera, but these swatches on nail sticks are pretty true to color. Left to right you can see summer fling, no regrets, for the first time and sea you soon. They are so pretty, I can’t choose which one is my favorite, but I think they choose the perfect four shades for the mini kit. Great job ORLY!


summer fling


no regrets


for the first time


sea you soon


After trying these polishes I wished I would have the full-sized bottles. I can see myself using especially the new summer collection a lot of times this summer.

As usual I also tried the new polishes for creating nail art. This time I decided for a fun gradient, imitating a bright sunset. The gradient really popped since I used white polish as a base. I am really in love with it.

To creat a fun summer manicure I used a random stamping plate with palm trees. I switched from silver to black stamping polish for a more versatile look and added a dark purple stamping design on my thumb. I really love the design and had so much fun creating this. What do you think?



Conslusion: what I think

In general both mini kits are really nice. The ORLY breathable bridal mini kit convinced me again with the great formula and dry time of the polishes. They colors are so pretty and perfect for brides to be or people who are not allowed to use bright polishes for work.

The ORLY coastal crush summer 2017 mini kit is the total opposite and, for me, was love at first sight. I am actually very sad that I don’t more of the ORLY neon polishes. They are really great and so pretty! The formula is great too. I tried the polishes on their own as well, meaning without a base coat, and they did not stain my nails. I really love that! The opacity is good in 2 coats, but by using a white base, these polishes pop even more.

I am in love with these and am so happy that ORLY Germany was so nice to send these over. Thanks so much, again.

Let me know in the comments what you think of these polishes and which color is your favorite.

Have a great evening

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