[Event Review] TKmaxx store opening

Good evening everyone,

today I have a very special blog post for you. I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening of the newest TK Maxx store in Berlin, got a private tour and the ability to see the store and shop before everyone else!

I would like to share that experience with you and also show you the little treats I bought today.

Disclaimer: advertisement – I was invited to the opening, but the following products were bought and paid by myself.


TK Maxx is part of the TJX Companies family and first launched in the UK and Ireland in 1994. In 2007 TK Maxx expanded into Europe, opening stores in Germany. Soon after, in 2008 TJX brought the sister company HomeSense to the UK, and launched tkmaxx.com in the UK online in 2009, as well as opening stores in Poland. European expansion continued in 2015 with TK Maxx stores opening in both Austria and the Netherlands. In 2017 HomeSense opened its doors to Ireland.

At TK Maxx, they deliver an ever-changing selection of brand names and designer products at prices up to 60% less than the RRP and at a significant discount to the prices in a department store or on the high street.

I personally started to shop at TK Maxx for international nail polish brands, but soon discovered all the other great products they sell such as calendars and Filofaxing supplies, home decor/utensils and kitchen supplies, as well as very cute baby clothes and products. On top of that you can get women’s and mens clothes, shoes and even sport gadgets.

About a year ago I also realized the selection of korean beauty products they started to offer, like sheet masks that I use everyday.

Currently TK Maxx has 113 stores in Germany, the new one in Berlin has about 2.000 squaremeters and as usual offers a great range of products. A little secret, the home are in this particular one is one of the bigger ones. I saw a lot of cute decor! They know what’s in trend and currently offer cute rose gold and copper decor and even a big selection of pillows and rugs/carpets! I never saw that in a german TK Maxx.

When I arrived the store was empty! No other customers, only staff. The products were untouched and the shelves were filled and assorted nicely. Every girls dream, right?!

I tried to get some good pictures to show you the sections of the store, like taking you on a litte tour with me.

Imagine the entrance behind us. When we enter you see a huge section for clothes on the left and right. Jackets, women’s shirts and following on the right you have the shoes, baby products and in the back are the bathroom supplies like towels and leading to the left the kitchen supplies, hobby supplies (calendars for example) and the home decor with pillows and carpets – they also sell suitcases there.

In the middle are more clothes for men and also sport gadgets. Then on the left side of the store the cashiers, and back to the front the jewellery, wallets, bags and cosmetics.

I hope I won’t get in trouble for this, but for better understanding I made a little sketch.

It was very interesting and exciting to hear the staff talk about the hot phase of finishing the store, how well everyone worked together to make it happen in time and how great the store turned out. I felt really happy hearing how supportive the whole team was, how people were thanked for their hard work and how nice the work environment seemed to be.

Then the time came to open the store. It was 9AM and I could really witness how all those people gathered in front of the store to be the first to check it out. Even though I took pictures, out of respect of the privacy of the customers I blurred their faces.

From now on the store will be open Monday to Saturday from 10AM to 9PM. I really hope you will check it out for yourself  if you can.

You can find it at the Gesundbrunnen-Center, Badstr. 4 in Berlin. It is locatedon the ground floor.

Like I said, since I was let in earlier, I was able to shop and relax and pick out some products for myself. Can you guess what I got?

Of course, nail products from my favorite brand Ciaté London.

I picked up three of the marula cuticle oils, one bottle of the base coat underwear, one bottle of their speed dry top coat, two bottles of the love me oil in cranberry and one liquid chrome eyeliner in silver. I think I hit the Ciaté jackpot :D

I saw a bunch of nice make-up as well, plus a good selection of korean sheet masks! Since they add in new products everyday, you never know what you will find. It really is like a treasure hunt!

If you’d like check my Instagram stories, I posted pictures and short videos on there as well.


Last but not least but not least some official pictures from the TK Maxx Facebook page

I would like to give a big thank you to the agency who looked after and organized the opening today. I was very happy to be part of this special occasion.

I also hope this post helped you and maybe made you wanna check out the store for yourself.


Have a great evening

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2 thoughts on “[Event Review] TKmaxx store opening

  1. I live in Halle and absolutely love visiting TKMaxx here…I cn spend hours browsing through their makeup and clothing collection…its not this huge though.. :)

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