[sponsored] when Medisana saves my winter

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Good evening everyone,

the days are getting shorter and it’s getting colder. I feel the winter and therefore christmas is coming with fast steps.

You could say christmas is coming especially early for me, because MEDISANA was kind enough to send me a bunch of products to test out. I’ve met them at the BeautyBloggerCfaé this year, but already knew the brand way ahead.

Their motto:

Nothing is more important to people than their health.

This has been driving them for about 30 years, making MEDISANA one of the leading healthcare specialists now. They offer several different products within the home health care market. They develop, manufacture and market these products for us, the regular customer. Their products can help to monitor the state of health independently and conscientiously, as well as treat without risk. They also started to develop and offer beauty care products, like a light-up make-up mirror which I will introduce to you in another post.

Today I want to talk to you about 2 products, their foot warmer and their heating pad.

Disclaimer: advertisement – the heating pad was bought by myself – the foot warmer was sponsored by MEDISANA

First up I wanted to address why I was sent the foot warmer – I actually directly asked them if they would be interested for me to test it out and write about it. You might know that blogging is a passion for me, but it’s not my profession. I have a regular office job, which I will not go into detail though. Our office is super nice but especially in winter it gets pretty cold. I have tried a few things like drinking tea all day and covering my legs in a blanket, but that didn’t help as much as I hoped. So I recently bought the MEDISANA heating pad. It cost me around 10 € and was a great investment. (on the website they have two different models [ 1 | 2 ], I assume the one I bought is a previous model)

I tried it and it works great! It has 3 heat options, but so far the first one is enough to heat me up. The electricity plug is detachable, so you can actually even wash it by hand until 30 degrees. The inner fabric of the foot warmer can be taken off as well and is also washable.

The fabric of both products is super soft and they also heat up super quickly.

They also have a security function that automatically shuts off the pad after 90 min of running. I think that’s genius!

My feet were still super icy though, so after being so happy with the heating pad I told the MEDISANA team about my office dilemma and asked if I could try their foot warmer. Winter hasn’t even officially started in Germany, so I was afraid I would get sick quickly if I don’t find a way to keep me warm while working. Luckily they said yes and here we are :)

The foot warmer is a bit more expensive and costs around 50 €, but after trying it I’d say it’s worth it. I even recommended it to my co-worker.

Anyway, it is very flexible and you have a lot of room in to move your feet. I always get into it with socks and put it on the 2nd heat setting, which is great for my needs. It warms up my feet, but doesn’t make them sweat.

The cord is on the back, which is okay for me. I also attached it to the other cord from the heating pad so I won’t roll over it with the chair.

On the pictures below you can see my set-up at the office, I use the heating pad on my chair, so it warms up my bum nicely and I get all cozy. I attached the control to my chair, so can easily turn it on and off. In retrospective, I will change the positioning so the cord will be at the back.

The foot warmer is placed on the floor under my desk.

My feet and the bottom of my pants fit in perfectly and I still have room to move around.

The bottom of the foot warmer is also patted which makes it super comfortable to rest your feet in. You know I always tell you my honest opinion, even if products were sponsored. So honestly, if you have the same issue at work or at home, I can totally recommend the combination of the heat pad and the foot warmer to you. I was so scared of the winter in the office, but now I feel totally save from freezing to death – excuse the exaggeration.

My friend in Hamburg also uses the heating blanket and she loves it as well, so if you are looking for something bigger maybe check that out as well.

Have a great weekend

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2 thoughts on “[sponsored] when Medisana saves my winter

  1. Eine super Lösung, wobei ständig in der Kalten sitzen ja echt nicht so “cool” ist! Ich hoffe mit den beidem warmen Gefährten kommst du gut durch den Winter ⛄
    Ganz liebe Grüße,
    Svenja ❤

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