HAULy friday – 39 – LoveMyCosmetic


Good evening everyone,

today I am back with another HAULy friday post in which I want to show you the korean skin care products I got within my last order from Love My Cosmetic.


I hope you enjoy reading.

Disclaimer: advertisement – the following products were bought and paid by myself.

current skin complexion: normal to combination skin with dry areas in the t-zone, also sensitive and prone to redness

If you have read the post about my first order, you know that back then I got the main important steps and therefore products to get started with my 10 step korean skin care routine. This order might be a bit of a repeat, since I got a couple of the same products. What does that tell you? I am honestly super happy with them!


If you don’t know much about korean skin care, the 10 steps are usually as followed:

  1. double cleanse – oil based cleanser
  2. double cleanse – water based foam cleanser
  3. exfoliate
  4. toner
  5. essence
  6. serum or ampoule
  7. sheet mask or mask pack
  8. eye cream
  9. moisturizer
  10. SPF

It has been almost a year since I ordered my first korean skin care products. A cleanser, toner, essence an serum were on my wishlist. I checked a bunch of blog posts and YouTube videos to find out what could work for me and ordered the following:

After that I also ordered a couple other products I wanted to try: (HAULy friday – 36)

From TK maxx I also got a few other products, like a oil based cleanser from THE FACE SHOP.

Looking back I can say that I am mostly very happy with my choices.  Only two of the products took me a bit of time to get used to and to use right. The SKINFOOD cleanser is okay, but strips my skin of simply everything, not just the dirt. I almost used all of it at this point, but prefere more gentle cleansers. I also love snail mucin as an ingredient, which is why with this order I got two new ones I would like to try. The BENTON, INNISFREE and COSRX products work very well for me. The SKINFOOD toner and KLAIRS serum are pretty thick, so I figured it is better to use only a tiny bit and layer if I need more moisture. But with no further babbling, here is what I got this time:

As cleanser I got THE FACE SHOP rice water cleanser, which I already own as an oil based cleanser. Since I was so happy with that I wanted to try their foam cleanser too. I addition I got the MIZON snail cushion cleanser. I really love snail mucin as an ingedient, since it works very well for me. I hope these won’t strip my skin as much as the SKINFOOD egg white cleanser.

I also got my trusted BENTON toner, COSRX essence and INNISFREE serum, which I really loved from the first moment I started using them last year. The ETUDE HOUSE snail mask was also something I ordered and tried back then and really liked. Last but not least was the Holika Holika honey juicy mask. I love honey masks so I wanted to try that.

As always, wtih each Love My Cosmetic order you get 1-5 free samples. This time my package included a bunch of amazing samples and even 1 present, which was an offer for a limited time.

The goodies included the BENTON snail bee high content mask pack, the BENTON honest cleansing foam, the KLAIRS supple preparation facial toner, the ETUDE HOUSE black charcoal chin pack, WHAMISA organic flower eye essence and a two step sample from HUXLEY’s – the secret of sahara cleansing water and cleansing gel.

Again, I am very happy with my order from Love My Cosmetic, the products are securely packaged, the order was sent and arrived quickly and I have simply nothing negative to say. I love the samples they chose for me, because a bunch of them were from products I wanted to try anyway.

I already tried my new snail cushion foam cleanser and liked it so far. It really is not as stripping and I feel it give a good cleanse.

have you tried any of the products? What do you think of them or can you even recommend something to me? Let me know in the comments.


Have a great weekend

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