TOP 5 must have korean skin care products

Good evening everyone,

if you’ve read the blog post about my skin care routine (fall/winter & spring/summer), you know that since december last year I have created my own (almost) 10 step korean skin care routine. Beforehand I have read a lot of blogs and watched YouTube channels to find out which products could be the right fit for me. I also researched if there were any online stores in Germany that sell those products, to avoid expensive shipping costs and problems with the customs office.

I found Love My Cosmetic. A german online shop by korean skin care enthusiast Bianca, with a wide range and great customer service.


Check in on my HAULy friday – 34 blog post, in which I showed you the products I bought back then. Followed by another order earlier this year – HAULy friday – 36 and HAULy friday – 39.

I didn’t try tons of products, I know, but I can still talk about my definite favorites which are all available at, so here we go.

If you are interested in my skin care story before december 2016, please check out my introduction to skin care.

Disclaimer: advertisement – the following products were bought and paid by myself.

current skin complexion: normal to combination skin with dry areas in the t-zone, also sensitive and prone to redness


I listed the products in order of use, not order of liking.

If you don’t know much about korean skin care, the 10 steps are usually as followed:

  1. double cleanse – oil based cleanser
  2. double cleanse – water based foam cleanser
  3. exfoliate
  4. toner
  5. essence
  6. serum or ampoule
  7. sheet mask or mask pack
  8. eye cream
  9. moisturizer
  10. SPF

That might seem like a lot to you at first, but I swear it is worth it!

is also step one in my skin care routine. The first step of the double cleanse. I was very sceptical at first of using an oil cleanser. Just the thought of it made me feel gross and greasy, but this oil cleanser totally blew me away. It is gentle, has a nice scent and really does cleanse off most of your make-up and more importantly your SPF. I love it and already re-stocked.

rice water bright light cleansing oil (16,95 €)


is one of the first products korean products I have ever tried. This essence has a clear, gel like texture and works wonders. If you are prone to redness and red spots, this could be perfect for you. The snail mucin is so highly concentrated that it helps to calm redness and even reduce scars.

advanced snail 96 mucin power essence (21,95 €)


is actually my overall number one favorite. Trust me, there is a reason why this product is a best-seller and mentioned by all the kbeauty bloggers and YouTubers. Don’t be alarmed by the price, this bottle goes a long way, since you only need 2 pumps per use. It is so gentle and nourishing for the skin that I never had any problems with it. If my skin is irritated, this serum calms it down and reduces my redness in no time.

the green tea seed serum (29,95 €)


are sheet masks in general. I have tried soooo~ many different ones, korean and japanese. There are a bunch of japanese ones I love, but since this is a TOP 5 of korean skin care products I will make a separate posts on these.

Since sheet masks are such an important step for me, I picked out my two favorite ones – one for deep hydration by Klairs and my all time favorites for everyday use, the INNISFREE it’s real squeeze masks.

rich moist soothing mask (2,50 €)

it’s real squeeze mask (1,95 €)

You can see that the INNISFREE ones come in many different variations, my favorite is the rice one for sure. It is super gentle, yet very nourishing. A close second is the honey one, which is also very gentle and very moisturizing.


is, last but certainly not least, the SPF. I kinda made the mistake of not using SPF basically all my life, I know it’s shocking. BUT in my defence, I took me forever to find a sunscreen that was the right fit for me. By that I mean good protection for my chalk-like pale skin, but also no residue, white cast after applying it and to tacky or greasy feeling as well. European sunscreen does not work for me. Period! Then I tried my way through a couple of korean samples. In the beginning I thought that the INNISFREE aloé vera one might work, but sadly it was too sticky for my taste and also left a slightly white cast. I mailed Bianca and her team to find out if they had some recommendations for my skin type and one of their recommendations was the MISSHA all-round safe block. This specific one only has SPF30, but since I work in an office all day and I can re-apply during the day, this was worth a try. I LOVE IT! It is gentle, does not irritate my skin, I don’t get red and it is leaving no residue at all! I am honestly so happy. So if you are like me, maybe give this one a go.

all-around safe block mild sun SPF30 PA++ (14,95 €)


I feel korean skin care has so many benefits and it is a totally different experience from european skin care products. I have tried a lot through the years and ALL european products irritated my skin and some even made me break out. If you have the same problems, maybe give korean products a try. Even if you don’t want or can’t afford all of these products, maybe try at least my two favorites (if they fit your skin type)? I think they have both great ingredients and could be working for a lot of people.

You can get them as followed:

INNISFREE the green tea seed serum (29,95 €)

COSRX advanced snail 96 mucin power essence (21,95 €)

I know the price is a bit higher than normal drugstore products, but I promise you won’t regret it. These will last you for a long time. I bought mine in december last year and they lasted until my recent re-purchase.

Also a little side-information, I was not paid or sponsored in any way to write this post. This is just my honest opinion I wanted to share with you.


Since skin care is also supposed to be fun, I picked out a little extra product which I bought from Love My Cosmetic and really love. It is this super cute cat-ear headband from Etude House, which is 7,95 €, but I think totally worth the price. It makes me happy everyday I use it.


Please leave a comment telling me about your experience with these products and let me know about your personal TOP 5.


Have a great night!

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