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Good evening everyone,

im November, I already introduced you to two of the Medisana products, some of which I had bought myself, some of which were provided by Medisana.

Today I would like to talk about another great product, the 2 in 1 cosmetic mirror including a ring of LED lights.

Disclaimer: advertisement – product was sponsored by Medisana

The mirror arrived securely packaged, is already fully assembled and comes with batteries included. These only had to be inserted into the mirror and the protective film had to be removed.


mirror without light

mirror with light

The mirror is ready to use and convinced me with its high-quality chrome surface. It makes a stable impression and stands securely on any flat surface. The foot has fleece underneath it so that the mirror does not slide around on smooth surfaces.

The mirror has two sides, one normal and one with 5x magnification.

The light is switched on via the button on the edge of the mirror and consists of 16 LED lights. It is pleasantly bright, but not too bright.

With 13cm diameter, the mirror has a good size for skin care or applying make-up.

I use it mainly for make-up application, since my skin care takes place in the bathroom in front of my big mirror. The performance of the Medisana mirror convinced me immediately, even though we go through the current dark season. I think it really provides enough light. Thanks to the uniform ring illumination of 16 energy-saving white LEDs, you can work with very pleasant, daylight-like, light.

The price of 29.95 € is fair and pretty affordable. From my point of view, Medisana offers a great price / performance ratio. Good quality for a fair price; comparable products are much more expensive.

Following a few pictures of my little set-up with the great brushes from Beni Durrer, which fit perfectly in their brush bag. You can also see my make-up pallets with their powder pigments, creme pigments and other make-up products.

You can see, my conclusion is consistently positive and I have nothing negative to say about this mirror. If you are looking for a good and affordable cosmetic mirror, give Medisana a chance and tell me how think it performs. I’d love to hear your opinion.

Thanks again to Medisana for giving me the chance to try this mirror.

Have a great evening!

 photo Mara2.jpg



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