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Welcome spring and hello everyone,

I hope you are all well and enjoying life. I have been busy with life myself but received a lovely package from ORLY Germany last week, which I wanted to show you. What’s inside? The new ORLY spring collection pastel city, breathable polishes and a full size pastel city polish.

In this post:

  • introduction to the ORLY pastel city spring 2018 collection
  • overview of the available polishes
  • swatches of the 4 polishes I tried
  • short introduction to the ORLY breathable line
  • swatches of the two new shades I got and tried
  • conclusion: what I think

Disclaimer: advertisement – the following products were sponsored by ORLY Germany, it does not affect my opinion though

I gotta be honest, everytime I get a new ORLY package I get really tinlgy inside and can’t wait to see which new babies I can adopt. I love the quality of the polishes and find the selection of colors within the collections they come out with, very unique and pretty.

This time I received not a regular package, but a white one that was pretty and pink on the inside. And the slogan “Love your nails” is right up my alley.

ORLY Germany added some fun decorations as well and included the mini kit for their new spring collection 2018, called pastel city, as well as 2 breathable shades (sheer luck and fairy godmother) and a full size version of the pastel city polish cyber peach.

I think the packaging of the mini kit is also really fitting the spring. It’s bright and matches the pastel/metallic polishes very well.

The two polishes from their breathable line also match perfectly. Especially fairy godmother caught my eye, it is such a pretty rose-gold polish with fine glitter. As you might know, I have so many polishes, but not one quite like it.

The full pastel city collection includes 6 new shades that are soft toned and a mix of creme and metallic polishes.

Cyber Peach – creme nude
Pink Noise – bubblegum pastel creme
Power Pastel – white lavender pastel creme
Lilac City – metallic pink/lavender foil
Electric Jungle – metallic green foil
Metallic Haze – metallic rose gold foil



When I saw the PR pictures I totally fell in love with pink noise and all the metallic shades. The bottles come with 0.6 oz (~18 ml).

You can get the collection as regular sized bottle, as mini kit with 4 colors or as GELFX polishes.

The mini kit includes the shades pink noise, lilac city, power pastel and metallic haze.

The GELFX set includes all shades from the collection and comes with 0.3 oz (~9 ml) bottles.

I mentioned above that I also got 2 additional shades from the ORLY breathable line. I have tried and talked about the line before, so if you are interested check here and here.

The main benefit of the breathable line is that these polishes give you treatment and color in one, withought the use of a basecoat or topcoat. The breathable formula prevents chipping and peeling. These polishes are infused with argan oil, pro vitamin B5 and vitamin C. The last huge benefit is that they are 13-free, which means that the breathable line is formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP), formaldehyde resin, camphor, ethyl tosylamide, xylene, triphenyl phosphate (TPP), MEHQ/HQ, MIT, parabens, animal derived ingredients or gluten. They are also Halal certified, which means its ingredients have been certified by Islamic Society of Washington Area (ISWA).

I received sheer luck and fairy godmother, one is a blush pink creme polish with rose gold shimmer and the other is a rose-gold glitter polish. They are both super pretty and after trying them, I totally fell in love with both of them. I already know that the breathable polishes perform very well for me, so getting such gorgeous colors, in addition to the ones I already own, makes me really happy.

I certainly have a few more breathable polishes left on my wishlist, which are de-stressed denim, good karma, soul sister and give me a break. I can’t deny it, I really really love the breathable line and these shades really spike my interest. They are so great for adding beautiful colors on the go (or travel) withought spending too much time adding a basecoat and topcoat.

Below I want to show you some swatches of the new polishes I got and tried.

left to right: power pastel, pink noise, lilac city and metallic haze

left to right: cyber peach, sheer luck and fairy godmother



power pastel

pink noise

lilac city

metallic haze





cyber peach

sheer luck


fairy godmother


conclusion: what I think

I am very pleased with the polishes I received. Fairy godmother is for sure my new favorite shade. When I was wearing it to work I got so many compliments, so if you don’t own any of the breathable polishes yet, and this shade fits your taste, go try it!

Also sheer luck is such a fun shade, but sadly the gold shimmer doesn’t really show up on the nail. All of the pastel city polishes performed well for me. I usually add 2 coats anyway, but I was surprised that the metallic shades were opaque in two coats as well. The only thing I have to say is that they are (as most metallic polishes) a bit difficult to apply, withought having a streaky finish.

Which polish would you be interested in? Which color speaks to you?
Let me know in the comments.


Have a great day

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