[sponsored] ORLY nail rescue kit – review and tutorial

Hello everyone,

my halloween challenge, #ScaryweenChallenge, is almost over and my nails have been pretty weakened by all the painting and removing the designs with polish remover. They chipped and cracked here and there and recently the thumb nail on my left hand bend over backwards and broke ….

Luckily I had already asked ORLY Germany for a sample of their nail rescue kit, so I could try it out for you and tell you my honest opinion.


picture rights reserved by ORLY

Disclaimer: advertisement – the following products were sponsored by ORLY

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Tips & Tricks – four- [DIY] – liquid latex for nail designs

Good evening everyone,

today I have a little DIY for you if you would like to call it like that.

Every person who likes to do nail arts, especially stamping or using glitter polishes probably knows liquid latex. There are many companies who sell it. Two products I tried were color stop! by p2 and Clean Edge from Liri’s Beautywelt.

IMG_3371b IMG_3780b

Both worked well for me. I really liked Clean Edge because you can use it for different purposes. I also like the thin brush, which makes the application very easy and clean.

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[sponsored] Liri’s Beautywelt – CLEAN EDGE – Liquid Latex

Happy saturday everyone!

Today I would like to review a brand-new product from Liri’s Beautywelt, my dealer for great nail swatch tips and discounted brand nail polishes.
The Clean Edge – Liquid Latex is the first self-produced product from Liri’s Beautywelt.


please click the picture to get directly to the product in the shop
picture taken from Liri’s Beautywelt

Michi, who runs the shop, was so kind to send me a sample to test out and review. First of all, you know that I will tell my honest opinion, no matter if the product was sponsored or I bought it myself. With this being said I would like to get into the review.

What I love about Michi’s shop is that she always puts these little handwritten notes to go with the order. She always wraps everything nicely and protects especially nail polish bottles with bubble wrap. The Clean Edge also came with a blue note, which had instructions and the ingredients written down.




NOTE: do not this product if you are allergic to Latex!

Ingredients: Latex, Water, Ammoniac (<1%)
Content: 12ml
Price: 4,95 euro

I think most of you have heard of the general use of Latex against messy nail design if you stamp or to water marbeling. Most products are white/milky and dry to a clear protecting layer. p2 for example sells a similar product, which has less product (8ml) in it though and also a much thinner and longer brush.


The Clear Edge is light blue, a very pretty color, and it basically stays that way even when it dries. I like that for the clean up, because you can see very well where you have to remove the product later. It is also very solid after it dries, which makes a removal in one go very easy! The product simply won’t rip apart, what the one from p2 actually does.



You can also use this product as a base for glitter polishes, but since it is blue I thought there is no way of using this with lighter glitter polishes or with glitter toppers.


Now what do we know^^
It actually works very well. I tried it with three different polishes.

Left to right: Catrice Catrice Crushed Crystals – 05 stardust, Essence nail art special effect topper – 02 circus confetti, Crushed Crystals – 06 call me princess


As you can see, the Latex is barely visable with the pink polish, not at all with the dark one and I love how it shines through with the glitter topper. No base polish needed at all :D The removal is just as simple. It comes off in one go.





I also wnated to let you know that the polish even seems to dry faster with the Latex as a base. Very nice.

Now for the clean up when stamping nail designs.



You can see that the product dries keeping the color. I applied Catrice’s holograpic lilac as a base as well as my favorite Rival de Loop polish (which is not available anymore) on the ring finger and used Nailz Craze stamping plate NC02 for the swirley design.

Stahl Craze NC02-Stanzen-Platte


please click the picture to get directly to the product in the shop
picture taken from Nailz Craze Etsy Shop

I really love Natalie’s stamping plates. I own all of them besides NC03. They give very crisp designs and are very inexpensive. Please make sure to check her shop as well.
You might see that I used two layers of stamping – white and a darker purple frpm Rival de Loop (#59).




The overlaps of the design stamped on nicely to the Latex. There is an absolute minimum of clean up, which is only needed when you are like me and want to clean up the little bit around the edges.

After that you are left with a pretty stamped nail design AND most importantely, CLEAN FINGERS.





I also tried the Latex with the new awesome white gel polish from Essence and my O.P.I. sheer tints.




Sadly the result is so sheer that it’s barely visible in the pictures.




Résumé: I am in love with this product. It has absolutely no smell, applies easily, dries fast, is easy to remove and leaves you with clean nails after you are done creating your nail design. I like it much more than the product from p2, the brush of it is just way too thin for me. I actually have no cons about this product.

Great job Michi! You really produced a good quality product here. Thanks again for sending it through so I could test it out.

What do you guys think? Do you or would you use Liquid Latex to help with the clean up?

Let me know in the comments below.

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