Mara’s Birthday nail art month – DAY 20 + sample nail mail Cosnova / Essence

Mara's Birthday nail art month

DAY 20

Good evening lovelies,

today a bit late, but for a reason.
I received sample nail mail from Cosnova today and decided to use it right away for today’s nail design.



I must honestly say I love the packaging. It is so cute and colorful!
Opening this package was like a pre-birthday gift since my birthday is only a few days away.

Essence TE yes we pop

What was inside?

A lot of the nail products from their new Trend Edition [Yes, we pop]

I am really excited that I was picked to try these products since it’s a nail design TE only.

Let me introduce the TE to you.


As you can see on the picture, the TE contains only of nail related things. I would say though, the LED lamp and gel nail things are not part of the TE since they are from the Essence standard range.

The actual TE contains of the following:

four different nail polishes (1,59 € each)

left to right 01 hey smiley, 02 grab this hype, 03 hello hipster and 04 have fun

yes we pop polishes

My yellow polish seemed to have the wrong label on though, because it said it’s 04 have fun^^

As you can see later on, they sent me the yellow and turquoise one. I am very happy with their choice.

nail effect topper 
(1,79 €)

01 bubble gum

yes we pop topper

This is a clear polish as a base with pink confetti particles in it.

Looking at the bottle I was excited to try it out, but at the same time curious if it would work as well. Usually with those kind of toppers it is a pain to get as much of the particle spread evenly over the nail.

nail art brush / tool 
(2,29 €)

Here we have a double tool with a brush on one side and a small dotting tool on the other side.

yes we pop tool

I was happy about the dotting tool, because so far I didn’t have a dotting tool that small. About the brush I was a little confused.

It was not really self explanatory to me since usually I only use those kinds of brushes for my eye shadow. This one you are supposed to use to apply the loose pigments from the nail art effect set’s.

nail art effect set’s 
(2,49 € each)

left: 01 ready for hip pop
right: 02 made for art setters

 yes we pop effect sets

Two different set’s of decoration utensils. one with pink hexa glitter and loose yellow pigments, the other set with yellow hexa glitter and loose blue pigments. I was really curious how the pigments would work, especially with the brush.

nail design characters 
(2,49 €)

yes we pop figures

It is just as simple as that. A kit with four different character to decorate your nails with – containing the peace sign, a smiley, a bow and a cassette tape.

nail art decoration kit
(2,49 €)

yes we pop studs and beads

This TE also has a product that never disappoints me. The decoration kit with different types of studs in it, this time even with orange beads. I feel this time the studs are of a better quality then usually. At least the colors are nicer.

nail foils
in yellow, blue and pink (1,99 €)

yes we pop foils

And last but not least the nail art foils in three colors. They really are on point with the name of the TE. I love how bright they looked and thought they are really different compared to the usual shiny and holographic nail foils.

Like I said, I was very curious to try these products when I saw the press information’s and pictures.
That’s why I couldn’t wait to try these out. I also wanted to give you guys a little overview on which of the products are, in my opinion, worth the money and which ones disappointed me.

I tried to use as much of the products as possible.

As you can see, I also used two other polishes which are NOT from the TE, but matched perfectly with the theme of the TE.
On my pinky and thumb I used ORL’s tropical pop and on my middle finger I used Ciaté’s kiss chase.

I would have used the 03 hello hipster and 04 have fun from the TE, but sadly they only sent two from the four polishes :)

Here we go.

First of all I want to point out how impressed and, shortly, shocked I was by the quality of 02 grab this hype. This turquoise polish is insanely opaque which is why I only had to apply one coat! The polish went on super smooth, I love the consistency as well and there were no brush strokes visible. It also dried very quickly.

my resume
Good job Cosnova, 10 out of 10 points. You did everything right with this polish.
To my readers, a definite recommendation.

After that was dry I used Ciaté’s foil fix (you can also use nail glue), let it sit for at least 30 seconds and pressed on all 3 nail foils one at a time of course. I love how they fork together, added a clear top coat and applied some more orange studs. I love the result. A very easy but unique design.

Next up was 01 hey smiley, a nice yellow polish which I applied on my pointy finger. I am not sure if I am as impressed with this one as I am with grab this hype, I think I would have to use it again to be sure. As you can see I applied on my ponity finger which is pretty short at the time. Even though I did not use too much product, the color went into my surrounding skin. I had to do a bit of clean up. This polish was opaque with two coats.

At this point I don’t really want to judge over this polish because I am really not sure….

On to my first disappointment, the effect topper. I am a little sad, because I was really excited about this when I held the bottle in my hand. Sadly there is too much clear polish and not enough confetti particles in it. That results in a very difficult application. I sometimes had to pink particles on the brush at all^^

Not a really good characteristic for an effect topper. It took me 4 applications to get that “much” pink on the yellow polish.

After Ciatè’s kiss chase was dry, I applied a clear top coat at my middle finger and used the nail brush to pick up a tiny bit of loose pigments. Since it turned out that stroking it on looked, in my opinion, ugly I decided to tap the brush a bit to get fall off on the nail. I let that sit for a good while until I blew the access off and applied a clear top coat again. You can see the result on the pictures….I am not really happy with it. Any other ideas how to use the pigments?

And in the end I glued a smiley and cassette tape on my thumb and a little green stud on my pinky. :)

That’s it.




How you you like it? Which products would you like to get?

If you have any questions, please let me know and I will try to answer them as good as I can :)