[Review] Maybelline Colorshow – 103 marinho & 677 blackout

Hey everyone,

besides the announcement post I just made, of course I have a “normal” review post as well :)

Today we have two more of the Maybelline Colorshow polishes I bought a while ago with the nail art pens.IMG_0805

103 marinho

Marinho is a nice and I think unique dark blue polish. It is glossy and not creamy at all, but at the same time opaque with two coats. The application is also easy and I love how it somehow shimmers.

I am happy I bought it, because I don’t own any blue color like this one.





677 blackout

There is not much to say about “blackout”. It is the simple black polish everyone needs in their collection.

The brush is just right and the application easy and even. I also felt that it lasts for quite a while if you use a top coat.
With it’s price it is invincible, simply a nice black polish used as a base or a polish for nail designs.
There is only one black polish that is better for nail designs, that’s 1010N by Manhattan (Quick dry polish).





Have you tried any of these?



HAULy friday – nineteen – sickness & Maybelline

Hey lovelies,

today I have a little different HAULy friday for you.
As you might know I am currently sick. My throat hurts, the nose ist running and I have headaches. DM is not only a great store for nail polishes, they also sell several health related things, so that’s what I bought.

nose cream with Camomile


classic tissues


tissues with Calendula


several drops for my hurting throat and some tea.


as well as hot lemon, acerola and ginger with honey. the one in the box is not from DM but from Japan.


While I was there I also saw the new Maybelline Colorshow Nail art pens. DM currently has a great offer. if you buy one Colorshow polish (1,95 euro) you get one of the nail pens (4,95 euro) for free!!!
I boguht 8 polishes and got 8 nail pens for less then 14 euro. In my DM they sell the Colorshow polishes for 1,75 euro. What a great deal!!

On the picture you only see four of the pens though I got eight, two of each color (white, silver, turquoise, gold/bronze)



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