AWESOMENESS ALERT !!! Maybelline Color Show LE Street Artist [UPDATE]

Hello everyone,

OH MY GOD!!!! I am so super hyper excited!!!

Since a few weeks I keep seeing post of people in the USA posting about the new LE from Maybellin New York Color Show.

Street Artist


I was sooooo hoping this LE would also come to Germany, I even contacted the company directly to ask about it.
Just last week they told me that they are not sure if they would release it in Germany since customers and their needs/tastes are always different in each country. So they were basically not able to tell me anything.

BUT today I went to my local DM and COULD NOT believe my eyes!!!
There they were!!!

I must say that the collection is a bit different here though. There the collection contains 5 nail polishes, here in Germany I know of just 4. The one that I was most keen about is missing here. It is the red-black one, the dark blue one is also missing, but we have an orange one.
Also the names are different, but for that I could not care less ^^

Here are the US colors, later you will see the ones I bought today.

Street art

So here we go, the polishes I bought today.

From left to right:

01 Boom Box Black
02 White Splatter
03 Urban Vibe
04 Alley Attitude


look at these awesome colors!













I was VERY surprised about the nice and smooth application! I thought it bought be difficult and gluey, but it wasn’t.
The only topper that made it a bit harder was 02 white splatter. It was a bit more gluey in consistency, but not much.

The orange one also surprised me with the color. When I saw it in store I was even hesitant to buy it, but then thought “ok, take it it’s just 2 euro and at least you will have all of them complete then”

That is the good thing about the Color Show polishes, they are ALL 1,95 euro and the price will probably not change.

Anyway, I would love to have the red and dark blue one as well, so if you see them here in Germany please let me know. and if you live in a country where they sell these, please send them over hehe
Pretty please? :)

I think I will have a lot of fun with these. So if you like these kinds of toppers, go ahead and grab them as long as they are not sold out.