HAULy friday – 37 – TKmaxx


Well well well,

look at this. Today I have another short HAULy friday blog post for you. As you might have seen through my TK maxx store opening blog post, I have been shopping again haha

It was also my birthday, so I treated myself to a few new sheet masks, skin care products and nail care products.

Read below to find out what I got.

Disclaimer: advertisement – the following products were bought and paid by myself.

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[sponsored] collaboration with Amicella.de & FABY

Good evening everyone,

today I would like to talk about my cooperation with Amicella and FABY nails for the new Cate Blanchett movie Carol.

Amicella featured a few 50ies nail designs today, which I created and which were inspired by Carol. FABY nails was also involved and sponsored the nail polishes I used for the designs. If you would like to read the article (german) online please visit Amicella.de

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[sponsored] ORLY – peel off base coat + Mega Pixel FX polishes

Hello and happy Friday 13th everyone,

today I have an additional post for you about the ORLY products that were sent to me by ORLY Germany.

They were so kind to let me try their new peel-off base One Night Stand (US | Germany) as well as two of their ORLY Mega Pixel FX polishes (US | Germany) in the colors Aqua Pixel and Pink Pixel.




I was especially excited this time, because I never owned any peel-off base and because I loved the whole Mega Pixel FX Collection. Look how pretty these polishes are! I gotta get the rest of them too!

Picture taken from www.orlybeauty.de

These polishes are currently on sale on the German ORLY Website. They cost only 8,40 € each instead of 14 € each. The peel-off base costs 12,90 € on their Germany Website.

Let’s start with the peel-off base coat One Night Stand.



This base is milky white and comes in the usual ORLY bottle with their patented gripper cap™. The brush is rather thin, which makes a precise application pretty easy.



The base goes on milky white and dries to an almost clear base coat. After you applied it you should wait about 10 minutes so it’s completely dry before you apply any polish or the glitter polish of your choice.


I ‘ve read a couple reviews in which Bloggers said that it doesn’t last long – only a few hours or up to a few days, so I was curious myself.

I used it when I was swatching the two Mega Pixel FX polishes. Meaning I applied the base coat, let it dry, applied the polishes, took pictures for the Blog and after 10-20 minutes in total I took it off. That went very smoothly, so I could surely recommend it for that.

After that I went into the long lasting test. I applied the base, let it dry and after that dried I applied a bunch of different glitter and one sand style polish.


On my left hand I applied the following polishes (pinky to thumb)

  • ORLY – in the navy + tinsel
  • ORLY – in the navy + macabre masquerade
  • ORLY – Aqua Pixel
  • ORLY – ultraviolet
  • p2 – sand style 120 dreamy

On my right hand I applied the following polishes (thumb to pinky)

  • Essence – 03 hello holo
  • ORLY – pink your world
  • ORLY – pink pixel
  • ORLY – in the navy +sunglasses at night
  • ORLY – rockets red glare

As you can see, both pointer fingers lost their polishes already after around 24 hours. Not very impressing, but as they advertise, if you want to wear it for a night out, I guess that would be okay.


Left hand with ORLY ultraviolet on the pointer finger.


Right hand with  ORLY pink your world on the pointer finger.


All other polishes lasted pretty long with the base. I had them on for 3 or 4 days until I took them off.
As you can see they also came off differently.
While almost all polishes came off in one piece, the Mega Pixel FX Pink Pixel split into two pieces on the right hand.


On the left hand it was even more difficult, especially Aqua Pixel needed to be removed with normal polish remover since it didn’t want to come off, BUT I think the problem was not the base coat but the nail glue I used to repair my fingernail which broke about 2 weeks ago. As for the other nails the base with polish came off pretty well.


So for myself I can say this peel-off base worked pretty well. I don’t have any comparison though since this was the first peel-off base I was able to try.

p2 also introduced a peel-off base, which I will get so I can review and compare it to the one from ORLY. If you know of any other brands that offer peel-off bases or if you are a brand/company that would like to send me one so I can try it out, please let me know in the comments or contact me via mail under info@allthesmallstuffandthings.com

Now let’s see about those stunning Mega Pixel FX polishes.
First I would like to show you Aqua Pixel, a very pretty light blue/turquoise polish with a lot of fine glitter that looks like diamond dust. It kind of feels like a polish with slight sand finish because of that.

This is Aqua Pixel photographed under artificial light in my mini photo studio.



Aqua Pixel under natural sunlight.


Here I stamped on top of Aqua Pixel with Nail Carze’ stamping plate NC02

artificial light


and again, my little twist with #monokromenails

aqua pixel

Followed by my surprise favorite of these two, the super bright Pink Pixel. A nice pink polish, again with fine glitter and a soft sand finish.

under artificial light in my mini photo studio


in natural sunlight



and together with Pink Your World from their Pretty in Pink Collection



pink pixel

I must say I am in love with these two polishes, they are even more beautiful then on the press photos and especially in combination with the peel-off base coat I will wear them and in general my glitter polish on a regular basis now.

What do you think?


 photo Mara2.jpg