[SoMoNight] Dracula untold

Good evening everyone!

After two pretty packed weeks I am back to tell you about all the awesome things that happened.
Tomorrow I will publish my post to the DM Marken Camp / DM Camp Beauty which I attended in Dusseldorf past Saturday.
If you can’t wait, I posted a few pictures on my Facebook or Instagram. You are welcome to take a look and follow me there if you want.
Even when I don’t blog I try to keep you up to date on there.

BUT before tomorrow’s post I wanted to tell about the awesome SocialMovieNight to Dracula untold which I joined yesterday in Berlin.


Robert and all the awesome people from PURE Online did a great job, as usual! They whole cinema was decorated for the movie and even Luke Evans and Sarah Gadon joined to present the movie to us and answer some questions. I loved it!

The movie was great, I loved the 2nd trailer they released and REALLY wanted to be a part of this particular SocialMovieNight. Luckily I was :)
I loved how dark it was and Luke Evans was the perfect match to play Dracula. I got already got goosebumps and shivers all over my body during the first 5 minutes of the movie. I don’t want to spoiler you, so all I say is – if you like this trailer, you will love the movie!


As you might already know, when I attend the SocialMovieNight I do my nails matching the movie.
This time I worked with Acrylic nails to create nice long red / black gradient stiletto nails.

What I used?

  • Fing’rs Fashion Normal Acrylic nails


  • Manhattan Lotus Effect – 45Q
  • Essence LE Dark Romance (the matte) – 02 red romance
  • Astor Nail Artist Check Matte – 3309
  • black shiny hexagon nail glitter

I will show you a mix of instagram and “normal” pictures which I took during the process of making these nails.

At first I used a nail wheel and applied different red nail polishes to see which one is best for the nails I wanted. Since I decided to do stiletto nails, I also wanted to do the Louboutin effect which means to paint the underside of the nail red.
I thought felt that the nails I tried were not the perfect match, they were either too dark or shimmery.


one coat of each polish


two coats of each polish


Keeping in mind that I also had to apply polish on top, which probably would make the whole nail appear darker I choose to use Manhattan Lotus Effect – 45Q, which was the brightest and lightest simple red polish I own.

I wanted to create a gradient effect on the topside of the nails so I picked 45Q as a base as well as part for the gradient, also using Essence’s  02 red romance and Astor’s Nail Artist Check Matte – 3309. At first I wanted to try everything out on the nail wheel, making sure not to mess up on the actual Acrylic nails.

I applied two coats of 45Q on the underside of the nail, let it dry and applied two coats on the topside of the nail as well.
After everything was dry I used a make up sponge, ripping little bits off and applying the three colors in order lightest to darkest.
I wanted the nails to have a dry blood effect combined with dirt which is why I choose to matte polishes for the tip of the nails. And it worked :)



After the success of that I started filing the Acrylic nails. A looong process to be honest. I think it took me 2 hours.
I held them onto my natural nail to see how to file them and to make sure I don’t mess up I applied little dots to mark where to file.


After all the nails where done I cut toothpicks in half and glued them on to the fake nails, to make the polish application more easy.
Step by step I started working on the nails. Applying the polish under the nails, letting it dry. Later applying two coats on top, letting it dry. Doing the gradient and carefully applying the hexagon glitter while the polish was still wet. Last step wasn’t so easy, since matte polishes dry hella fast.

Here is the result.


Since I had to work yesterday, I couldn’t apply the nails at home, which meant taking them to work and gluing them on afterwards before I went to the SocialMovieNight.

Here are the two pictures I uploaded on Instagram



and some more which I took after the SocialMovieNight when I got home.





This nail design was so much fun and a challenge. It took a lot of time and I really hope you enjoy it!

Have a great night




You want to win tickets for the SocialMovieNight? Follow the accounts below.

Robert Hofmann YouTube | FB | Instagram | Twitter
SocialMovieNight: FB | Instagram | Twitter

Patrice Bouédibéla: FB | Instagram | Twitter

As always, a big thank you to the team behind Robert – PureOnline: Website | FB | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube

Most of the pictures at the events are taken by RedCarpetReports: Website | FB


[Review] The search for the holy grail of black and white polishes

Hello everyone,

do you know that problem?
You see all these pretty white and black manicures and need a good black or white base color?
Or you want to create the trend of simple white nails, but you don’t have the right polish?
I feel you. Since forever I am looking for a good black and white polish, but especially finding a good white polish is almost impossible.

Well I own a couple of each color but still haven’t found the “holy grail” yet.
Today I want to show you my black & white collection and tell you some things about them.

So here we go



Black polishes from bottom to middle top

  • Astor – Nail Artist – Check Matte – 3309
  • Ciaté – Chalkboard Paint – 144
  • Essence – Colour & Go – 144 black is back
  • Maybelline – Color Show – 677 blackout
  • Manhattan – Quick Dry 60 Seconds – 1010N

Top Coats

  • Astor – Nail Artist – Game of Graphics – 3260 E
  • Astor – Nail Artist – Play the Graffiti – 3276 E

White polishes from top right to bottom

  • Catrice – LE Matchpoint – C04 The Winning Cream
  • Catrice – Ultimate Nudes – 03 Meet me a Paris
  • p2 – Color Victim – 030 virgin
  • Essence – Colour & Go – 152 give me nude, baby!
  • Essie – blanc
  • Astor – Fashion Studio – 274 Snow White


Astor Nail Artist - Chack Matte 3309 (Matt)

Astor Nail Artist - Chack Matte 3309 (Matt) close up

I saw this polish together with three other Astor polishes. (the white Fashion Stuido polish and two top coats for the Nail Artist LE).
I got this black matte polish about the same time as my Ciaté Chalkboard kit, so I was excited to see the difference, because Ciaté is pretty expensive with 10,- € each bottle, the Astor ones were only 3-4,- €.
Sadly this one from Astor is not really an alternative to the black matte polish from Ciaté.
This on here is kind of gluey, which I really don’t like in a polish. It makes it pretty difficult to get an even result.



DSC05972 close up

This black matte took some time/tries to get used to, but especially after I cut the brush a bit, it is easier now to apply.
The result of the matte finish is pretty nice and dries fast.



Probably the cheapest in my collection. This polish was only 1,55 € and is, for that price, the best black polish I won. I still have to say that it get pretty gluey as well and after drying you can see bubbles, which I really really hate in a manicure.


Maybelline Color Show - 677 Blackout

Maybelline Color Show - 677 Blackout close up


This polish is about 2,- € and same as the Essence polish, is a bit gluey. I don’t know what it is with black polishes, but they all seem to be creamy and gluey. I hate it because especially with black and white polishes you would want a neat application since every mistake would show up immediately. I don’t know why it is so difficult to get a good black polish that is not gluey. Maybe it is the same as with eye shadows, the more pigments you put inside, the more problems you get with the consistency.

Manhattan Quick Dry 60 seconds - 1010N

Manhattan Quick Dry 60 seconds - 1010N - close up


This polish is kind of old so I don’t remember the price anymore, but it is one of the smaller bottles, only containing 7ml. I always feel like it is almost empty because the brush doesn’t pick up enough color. As for the texture, same problem as with the others. It is creamy and difficult to apply.

Does anyone have a good tip for a nice black polish?


On to the whites

Catrice LE Matchpoint - C04 The winning cream

Catrice LE Matchpoint - C04 The winning cream  - close up

This polish is actually pretty nice, but not right if you look for a super opaque white polish. It is more…..metallic I would say. On the swatch at the bottom of this post you can see what I mean. It has a good coverage after 3 coats, but it is not a white tippex kind of white^^
The price was also nice, I think about 2-3,- €.

Catrice Ultimate Nudes - 03 Meet me á Paris

Catrice Ultimate Nudes - 03 Meet me á Paris - close up


This polish is super sheer. No matter how many coats you put on, you will never get full coverage^^
But it is nice since it has a pink undertone / shimmer. A nice nude polish :)

p2 Color Victim - 030 virgin

p2 Color Victim - 030 virgin - close up

Let me tell you right away, this polish is not available anymore. I bought it looooong ago when I started looking for a good white polish, but was pretty disappointed. It certainly has better coverage, but is not fully opaque. You don’t get the pretty tippex white effect with this.



This is one of the polishes I bought recently. I was really hoping this would be a good white polish, but sadly turned out to be shimmery and sheer. It is a nice polish, but not for the sake of having an opaque finish.


DSC05871 close up

This is the only Essie polish I own. I was kind of resistant to buy Essie polishes, because I usually don’t like to pay that much money on a polish (7,- €) I think there are a lot of other drugstore brands that are much cheaper and have probably the same or even better quality, plus I don’t like the colors of Essie. I think they are pretty boring. Why would you pay that much money for a boring polish? I don’t get it. I think Essie is simply super hyped but not really worth the money.
Anyway, I was searching for recommendations on the internet on good white polishes and a couple of people said that blanc is a good white polish. I tried it and must say it is a good white, that’s what I was looking for, but still it is very creamy and I think the brush is very messy. I even had to re-shape it and cut of some hairs because they were not the same size as the others. That from a 7,- € polish? a NO-GO!
Also it leaves you with bubbles after drying. I am not very happy with it, but decided to keep it since it is the only opaque white polish I found so far.







Astor Fashion Studio - 274 Snow White (Glanz)

Astor Fashion Studio - 274 Snow White (Glanz)vclose up

This Astor white is also kind of nice but as well as the Essie polish it is creamy and the application is pretty difficult.
Like I said, this was also about 3-4,- €.



Astor duo 2

Here are the two polishes in the middle of the picture. I was really excited when I saw them at my local DM so I had to buy them!

Astor Nail Artist - Play the Graffiti 3276 E

Astor Nail Artist - Play the Graffiti 3276 E close up

Astor Nail Artist - Game of Graphics 3260 E

Astor Nail Artist - Game of Graphics 3260 close up

I tried them immediately the same night and got pretty sad :(
The look soooo nice in the bottles but it is so difficult to get the particles on to the nails.
I am not even sure which is worse. The first on has many small black and white particles as well as some striped particles and smaller and bigger black and white hex particles.
The second one has big black and white hex particles, some smaller ones and striped ones.
I must say they are equally difficult to apply. You also have to apply 2 coats of a clear top coat if you want to seal the annoying texture. But still, these are pretty polishes if you can get the designs on to your nails. Maybe use a toothpick or dotting tool.

Here are the swatches for all polishes.

One coat


two coats





Some of the polishes even need more than 3 coats. Not really ideal if you ask me.

What do you think? Do you have any recommendations?