[sponsored] Medisana – make-up mirror

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Good evening everyone,

im November, I already introduced you to two of the Medisana products, some of which I had bought myself, some of which were provided by Medisana.

Today I would like to talk about another great product, the 2 in 1 cosmetic mirror including a ring of LED lights.

Disclaimer: advertisement – product was sponsored by Medisana

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[Review] LUX Japan

Hey everyone,

I guess most of you know the feeling of loving a brand or special products without being able to purchase them in your country.

For me that’s the problem with all those lovely products from LUX Japan

LUX logo

While I lived in Japan I discovered so many good brands and products that sadly are not available here in Germany. LUX is probably the brand I miss the most.

They have a wide range of different hair care products, skin care and skin cleaning products.

You can check out their products at www.lux.co.jp

Today I would like to show you my favorite LUX products.


LUX スーパーリッチシャイン モイスチャー

Shampoo and conditioner


LUXスーパーリッチシャイン ダメージリペア

Shampoo and conditioner


For each hair care line they not only have Shampoo and conditioner, but also hair mask and other care treatments.

LUX ボディソープ

White Charm


Velvet Luxury


Softy Luxury


Everytime I go back to Japan my suitcase is almost empty on my way there and totally packed on my way back. I love japanese cosmetics, as well as their food. So for me it is important to get as much as I can when I am traveling back from Japan, because I know I won’t be able to re-purchase here.

Now tell me, which brands or products do you miss in your country. I would love to hear!

 photo Mara2.jpg

HAULy friday – eleven – kosmetik4less.de

Hello everyone,

today I have a very special HAULy friday post for you.


It is an un-boxing of an order I made at www.kosmetik4less.de


What I bought there? You may guess, tons and tons of nail related things, mostly polishes :D

I ordered a total of 20 items and the price for all these awesome things was around 60 euro.

First of all I want to tell you about this website which I just recently found while browsing on Essence Facebook page, a girl on there commented about this website to another girl, so I checked it out as well.

This website is not only in German, you can also choose English, French or Italian as your language.

Kosmetik4less.de has one goal: They want to offer a range of goods of cosmetic products that are up-to-date, as well as not too pricey.
They sell cosmetics for every style, skin type and taste, from discreet to gaudy colors. 
They also say they are specialized in British and American brands – in those that are normally not sold in Germany.
In the shop, you will find the brands like Barry M, China Glaze, Essence, Manhattan, Models Own, ORLY, as well as Sleek and Wet n wild (full list here), as well as their own exclusive brand Leni. 

Now to the really important stuff.

They ship globally!
Within Germany and Austria the parcels are despatched by DHL – also to freight stations.
Orders from abroad are also normally despatched by post/DHL. All items are despatched insured.

Shipping Costs:

Germany – 3,90 € (euro)
EU and Switzerland – 6,90 € (euro)
Worldwide – 10,90 € (euro)

What I can say about my order?
I was totally satisfied. I ordered, paid and it did not take long and my order was on it’s way.
If I remember correctly, it took only a total of 4 or 5 days. Since I send my money over from my Bank account to theirs (but you can also pay via PayPal, maybe that’s faster) 4 or 5 days are really fast.

Also they said one polish was not available anymore, but then they contacted me again saying they found a last one so I got all that I had ordered :)
What more can you ask for? Right!

Here is what i ordered

Essence – nail design – dark romance – nailart decoration kit 01 ES76570 1 2,45 €
Orly – nail polish – Color Blast – Ablazing Aqua No.530 OL054 1 4,00 €
POP Beauty Nail – Glam – nail polish Foggy No. 37 PO50007 1 4,00 €
Orly – nail polish – Color Blast – Jolt No.306 (B – Ware) RT032 1 1,00 €
Orly – nail polish – Color Blast – Tangerine Trance No.525 (B – Ware) RT037 1 1,00 €
NPW – nail polish – Madly Deelpy – Vamp red NP2867 1 4,20 €
Essence – nail art twins reloaded base colour – 01 edward ES74220 1 1,45 €
Essence – nail art designer set ES70226 1 1,95 €
models own – nail beads – Neon Green MO146 1 4,95 €
Essence – nail polish – nail art effect nails – 01 ES74910 1 1,95 €
China Glaze – nail polish – On the Horizon – Flock Together CG560 1 7,95 €
wet n wild – nail polish – Wild Shine Nail Color – Sparked WW013 1 1,70 €
wet n wild – nail polish – Wild Shine Nail Color – Kaleidoscope WW014 1 1,70 €
wet n wild – nail polish – Wild Shine Nail Color – Night Prowl WW111 1 1,70 €
wet n wild – nail polish – Wild Shine Nail Color – Jezebel WW109 1 1,70 €
wet n wild – nail polish – Wild Shine Nail Color – Caribbean Frost WW110 1 1,70 €
wet n wild – nail polish – Wild Shine Nail Color – Casting Call WW108 1 1,70 €
wet n wild – nail polish – Fast Dry Nail Color – WW117 1 3,30 €
wet n wild – nail polish – Fast Dry Nail Color – Teal or No teal WW147 1 3,30 €
uma Cosmetics – nail sticker – white-pink flowers UM082 1 1,99 €
total 57,59 €

Am I happy? YES!

on to the un-boxing



all items were packed properly and secure in air-wrap

first layer



second layer



third layer



bottom last layer



Let’s take a look at the polishes

These are all the pretty wet n wild polishes I ordered.
I love all of them! And for that price (1,70 €)? HELL YEAH!



ORLY polishes which were discounted



two more awesome wet n wild polishes.
Look at that orange one! I freaking love it and I usually don’t even like orange, but this one I had to get!



joined by pop beauty nail polish and Essence



as well as my first ever China Glaze polish, how else could it be …. it’s a fuzzy coat :D



in the back you can see NPW – Madly Deelpy – Vamp red ( love the packaging!), at the front models own beads in neon green, Essence effect glitter, uma nail stickers, Essence nail art kit and Essence nail decoration kit.




What do you think? What do you like?
I am happy and would definitely order there again!

My opinion? I totally recommend this shop to you guys, especially if you have problems getting some brand where you live or if you want Essence Limited Editions. They are sold out fast in stored, but I know from talking to staff from kosmetik4less that they also order a lot of these LE’s to make sure many people can get what they like. They also have a limit so people don’t buy tons of items and sell them on ebay for a much higher price…..yes people do that.

Anyway, I will review each of the polishes I got later on. Which ones do you want to see first?
Let me know in the comments :)