rant – tabloid press

Good evening everyone,

today I would like to talk about something that is not nail or in general beauty related. If you don’t care, you can stop reading now, but I would really appreciate if you would take the time to read a little about a piece of my mind. The following topic is really important to me.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I was able to attend the world premiere of Johnny Depp’s new movie “Mortdecai” in Berlin on Sunday.

Thanks to the tabloid press you might also know that people felt that Johnny was not really “there”. Of course they also felt the need to talk about so they reported about him being drunk or at least having a hangover. Already on Saturday they reported that he was seen drinking in an italian Restaurant in Berlin. People joked about it and made fun of him. They also judged about him and said that he had a drinking for most of the time of his career, which now causes him to make bad movie choices and ruining his career. Without even knowing his side of the story they kept making up suspicions and judging about him and his private life. This kind of behavior is typical for the public and especially tabloid press and I have to say that it really makes me sick. It shows, that throughout the years, humans haven’t learned anything.

I feel very disgusted that no one seems to take the time to actually think about their side of the story.
How dare you to view, judge and gossip about those people – or even make up lies about them? Celebrities are people just like you and me. Just because they are public figures and always followed by photographers and press, doesn’t give them the right to behave like that. People like, in this case, Johnny Depp also have good and bad days. They do have problems like any other human on this planet. They suffer and they often struggle with depressions and anxiety, sometimes even a lack of trust, because they feel that people don’t really care about them and only want to be around them because they are famous. I even say that they even make more bad experiences with people, because so many people want a piece of them simply because they are famous. Those people do not care that this kind of behavior can psychologically break them. How would you feel if millions of people love you and want to be around you as long as you are “in”, but toss you away as soon as they have enough of you?
Living a public life is a lot of pressure and I wouldn’t want to switch places. Everyone makes mistakes and many of those are bad enough without the whole world looking and judging you.

In the case of Johnny Depp I would just like to say that it doesn’t matter how he appeared on the red carpet. Even if he was hungover or even drunk – who are we to judge? He had his reasons and it is not up to us to judge him! Can’t we just be sympathetic and accept it as him having a bad day?

I think people should stop gossiping and judging people and instead look into the mirror and start think about themselves and working on their own problems.

Now you might wonder why I care. Simply because I do. I am a human and I can feel for people who have to deal with all those things above and even more.

I’d hate to see another human break  down because of this public hunt.
We have already lost too many good people because of this.


Just because you read it in a magazine
or see it on the TV screen don’t make it factual ….. you’re so damn disrespectable” – Michael Jackson (Tabloid Junkie)


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