[sponsored] Halloween with Maskworld – Vampire

Hello lovelies,

Halloween is just around the corner and I am very happy to announce my cooperation with Maskworld.com. Thank you very much again for this opportunity!

Maskworld.com is the leading Online store for everything you need to create the perfect Costume and was founded in 1999 in Berlin. They offer a wide range of products, from high quality and trendy costumes, to Wigs, Make-up, special effects Make-up and Contact lenses. They ship worldwide and also have a huge new store located near Hackescher Markt at Oranienburger Str. 86a in Berlin.

I was lucky enough to pick a few products to try out for my Halloween series. Today I want to show you what I picked, as well as the first Make-up look that I created.

Since one of the looks that I wanted to create was a vampire, I decided to pick their black contact lenses (Schwarzes Auge Kontaktlinsen). I also wanted to get their Dental FX Vampire Teeth, but sadly they are sold out at the moment. I bought cheap teeth from the Halloween section at the store nearby, but they didn’t want to stay on, which is why I don’t wear any vampire teeth in the pictures.

I began by applying regular white aqua body paint all over my face, leaving out my eye area. Then I used bright matte red eye shadow and applied it on my eyelids and around my eyes, to create the bloody eyes. I mixed it up with a bit of matte dark brown eye shadow and also contoured the under the eyebrows and a bit at the eye socked. All together I wanted to create a really infected, sick look.

Vampire eyes

To create the dark wrinkles I used a little bit of first – grey, second – black and last – white aqua body paint. If you want it to look realistic, make sure to shade instead of simply painting on lines. You should also use matte eye shadow to create more depth and shadows. It also helps if you make the angry vampire face to see where the natural wrinkles appear.

Vampire 1

Vampire 3

Vampire 2

Of course, to make the look complete you also need bloody lips. I first used the white body paint and applied it around my mouth and a bit on the lips. Then I used the matte red eye shadow again and applied it in the middle of my lips and applied some fake blood. Moving my mouth a bit and licking my teeth I also got some blood on my teeth. Some realistic vampire teeth would have made this look complete.

Vampire 0

I really hope you enjoyed this different post.

Be prepared for more Halloween looks to come, since I also picked Collodium to create fake scars and their red Contact Lenses (Satan Kontaktlinsen). Since I want to surprise you, I won’t tell you about the next looks, but let me tell you I have at least 3 more ideas.

I can say very impressed with these black Contact Lenses and can’t wait to try the red ones. They felt very soft and were easy to put in. They only thing you should know is that they are colored completely, which means the black Lenses will interfere your sight. Everything simply got grey-ish when I put in the Lenses. You should not drive while wearing those Contact Lenses.

Besides that, they look really great and I can only imagines how awesome their Black Sclera Lenses must look like! They are bigger and would cover you whole pupils and iris, which is awesome.

Please check out the Maskworld.com Online Store, as I said, they ship worldwide.

or check out their other social media accounts

Maskworld Instagram
Maskworld Facebook
Maskworld YouTube


Let me know if you want to see regular special effects Make-up looks and what you think about this look.

Have a great night




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