Sunday Mani – nineteen – striper nails

Hey lovelies,

today I have the first part of my two manicures using different striper polishes.
I think this one turned out pretty well.

For that I would like to review the p2 polish I used for this as base color.

This is p2’s last forever nail polish – 011 city love

A nice pastel lilac polish. The consistency is nice and the polish goes on very smoothly. This way you get a good finish without strokes or bumps.




I let this dry properly and started using the stripers.
As you can see I used two pretty old ones by Essence, one in pink, the other one in purple and started arranging different lines and patterns. My personal favorite is the pinky.






I was just playing around with these since I never really used these stripers, but I like how the patterns turn out depend what you do.

What is your favorite?



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