#ScaryweenChallenge 2016 – nail designs


Seriously, how can it be that October is already over?
Especially this year flew by like it was nothing. I still can’t believe it. That said, it means that my halloween collaboration with Heidi (Heidi’s Polish), called #ScaryweenChallenge, is already over as well.

To look back at our first nail art challenge, that mostly took place on Instagram and Facebook, I decided to post all my designs on my blog as well.

Let’s go …

First off, here are the themes we picked


I was very happy with this years themes and was so excited about the challenge, that I even created two designs for most of the themes.

Here are the things I mostly used. You can get many of them from Lovenails.


If you want to get some of the water decals or stamping plates I used, you can use the code: Scaryween20 to get 20% off halloween items at www.Lovenails-shop.de


For the extra creepy effect I played with polishes and a top coat from Ciaté that glows under uv lights.


Monday, October 24th

Theme: cats

1st design

dscn1136b dscn1142b

2nd design

dscn1252b dscn1252b-dark

Tuesday, October 25th

Theme: ghosts

1st design

ghosts-1 ghosts-2 ghosts-3


2nd design

dscn1201b dscn1201b-dark

dscn1203b dscn1203b-dark

Wedneswday, October 26th

Theme: pumpkins

1st design


2nd design

dscn1238b dscn1247b dscn1247b-dark

Thursday, October 27th

Theme: spiders

1st design


2nd design

dscn1198b dscn1198b-dark

Friday, October 28th

Theme: día de los muertos

1st design


2nd design

dscn1232b dscn1232b-dark

Saturday, October 29th

Theme: skulls

1st design


2nd design


Sunday, October 30th

Theme: graveyard

1st design

dscn1189b dscn1229b


Monday, October 31st

Theme: halloween mix

1st design

dscn1130b dscn1130b-dark

2nd design

dscn1191b dscn1191b-dark


I would like to give a special thanks to Steffi from Frischlackiert and Denise from Nisi Nails for participating in our challenge and creating some really cute designs. Please check them out on Instagram.

Frischlackiert on Instagram
Nisi Nails on Instagram


Which design is your favorite? Please let me know in the comments.


 photo Mara2.jpg

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